The web CMS (content management system) software is used for managing content on websites.

With a cms you can mange text, images, videos, links, etc. on the web server. Usually the software comes with a user friendly application interface, and tools where users with little knowledge of programming language (such html, xml or css) can create and manage all content relative easy. Most systems use MySQL database or other, to hold and secure the content and site information, such users login information or any other private info. Usually, the management of the soft it’s really easy and can be done trough a web browsers (firefox, internet explorer, safari, etc.).

A content management system differs from other website builders like FrontPage or Dreamweaver, in that a CMS don’t require technical skills to build a professional website. Users are able to make changes to add or remove content with little or no training. Many web site builder software require more technical skills and training, and need experience to be able to create a professional website. A CMS software is an easy to use tool, that gives authorized users the ability to manage the web site. We are talking about authorized users, because a CMS soft have a login panel, where only administrator or managers have access.

Joomlas is an Award winning content management system.

Joomla CMS is one of the most popular content management systems that is open source. It is used for any kind of websites, from a simple personal blog to a complex ecommerce or corporate application. It’s easy to install, simple to manage, reliable and the most important: it’s FREE!

Joomla Content Management System Review

Why people like and use Joomla? Because they can create a wide range of websites, using only few additional components.

  • Portals or corporate websites
  • Online shopping websites, ecommerce applications
  • Small or large business websites
  • Organizations websites
  • Government applications
  • School and church websites
  • Personal blogs or family homepages
  • Online community portals
  • Online newspapers websites or magazines
  • …unlimited possibilities

Joomla can be use to easy manage every aspect of the website, from changing the design, adding content to uploading products to your online shop, or making online reservations.

Joomla features:

Joomla have a really big community that helps joomla users by forums, and developing application framework that gives a wide range of possibilities to make your website sing. Here are some examples of the hundreds of powerful extensions available on the Joomla official home website:

  • Forums and chat components,
  • Custom dynamic form builders
  • Document and graphic management extensions
  • Images and multimedia galleries
  • eCommerce and online shopping carts with various payout methods
  • Calendars module and event management
  • Blogging application
  • Web Directory Component
  • Email newsletter integration
  • Banners, links and advertising material management
  • And many more amazing features …

You don’t need to pay for joomla! It’s a free software released by OpenSourceMatter project, and it’s available under the GPL license.

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