Starting a website, you should know for what you want to use it. To find a good website name and choose the keywords, you should make first a research of analyzing the competition and the top words that internet users are searching for. After you decide on main keywords, around 3-4 main keywords for what you will build back links and will optimize the website, you should keep them and do not change them weekly or monthly if you have no results with them. Most of webmasters change the keywords each week, to try out what is the best traffic generator, but this way you will confuse the search engines and will ignore your site after a while.
The best keyword tool that you can use to get your job done fast is the Google Keyword Tool or the Google suggestions while searching.
The next step optimizing your website is to create high quality and unique content. Google and other search engines love if your website is quality and have unique content. You can use content from other websites, but you should rewrite them a little bit. Do not copy and paste, this will never be a successful method.

Create a Blog and Original Content

If you created your website added your content for describe your website, your products or service, you will need a blog section where to share your ideas, or write news on the niche your website is. People love to read information about new stuffs and also want to leave comments on your website. Not only human love the new content, but also search engines. If you update your site very often, search engines will push your website to the top. You should also know, that the content you write, should also be optimized, containing about 2-3% keyword density, related with your website. In nutshell, don’t write about web hosting industry if your website is in other niche.

Web Site Optimization

Search engines visit more often and well those websites that have lear and good optimized pages. What is a well optimized page? Using relevant title, description and body tags (H1, H2, H3 are the most important) to your keywords it will help search engine to find your website more easy and will help to have a better ranking. If you want to place image into your content, don’t forget to use alt tags for them.
To have faster indexing while creating content, you can use RSS feeds and social bookmarking buttons.


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