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Choosing a Hosting Company in 2013

choosing web hosting 2013

A web hosting provider is an entity that makes possible for your website to be visible online by hosting your site on their server. In the presence of an effective and professional hosting provider your website has all the chances to grow and achieve online success. On the other, if the performance and services of… continue reading →

How SEO hosting works?

how seo hosting works

How SEO hosting works? It aims to maximize the positioning strategy of a website, giving each one its own unique IP address. By having a dedicated IP, the site is perceived as unique and different from any of the sites it links to. This dramatic increase in the strength of ties helps to raise the… continue reading →

Why reliable web hosting?

Anybody who has spent any time looking into web hosting will have come across the issue of reliability.  Most expert advice and opinion states that this is the most important issue of all, above and beyond price and ease of use.  But why should this be?  Surely reliability is something that the web hosts themselves… continue reading →

Benefits of a Content Management System

The benefits of Content Management system are infinite. A CMS (Content Management System, Content Management System) is a cutting edge application developed to create, edit, manage and publish various types of digital files. The advantages of content management are many. Within the most common ones: Create portals and pages within the portals with ease. Create… continue reading →

Speeding up Joomla websites

You can now combine style sheets and scripts and deal with your Speeding up Joomla websites goal. We consider the combination of style sheets in a single file whenever possible and should do the same for scripts. Combining files is more difficult when the scripts and stylesheets vary from page to page; the best time… continue reading →

Do I need online backup solutions?

Do I need online backup solutions? The answer is yes. Let us analyze its advantages. Online-Backup is an alternative to traditional backup at best market price. It offers much more than a backup service on-line remote: Automatic and continuous. Online backup is a backup without requiring intervention by the user, works constantly looking for new… continue reading →