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How to speed up my WordPress site?

Are you wondering How to speed up my WordPress site to load faster? There are many reasons that make WordPress one of the best content management systems today, with a versatility and efficiency that have earned him his extraordinary popularity. But it could not be perfect, and has some weaknesses which fortunately can be solved… continue reading →

What are the benefits of ASP hosting?

If you’ve looked at developing your own websites, or even just browsed the web, you will have come across ASP.  ASP stands for “active server pages”, and is a way of creating dynamic, interactive pages, such as forms or blog comments.  It’s a server side scripting package, which means that the script is written directly… continue reading →

About Server Control Panels

The control panel is essential software that makes things easier regarding the management of a site and the server hardware as well. Such software is able to fully automate a great number of otherwise problematical tasks, such as creating and managing email boxes, FTP accounts, various databases or domains. These processes are usually taken care… continue reading →

Cheap Web Hosting Really Sucks

If you’re running a website on a tight budget, it’s understandable that you’ll want to find the cheapest possible deal.  There are certainly some very cheap hosting deals out there, with web hosting companies seemingly involved in a race to the bottom to price out their competitors.  But before you dive in and sign up… continue reading →