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Is Cheap Hosting Good for Business?

Making a choice between a cheap and affordable option for hosting and an expensive business one is entirely based on the needs of the website(s) being hosted and the budget available from the client.  Anyone that needs to choose between such options needs to understand what they will be getting with each option. Choose between… continue reading →

Finding a good and cheap hosting

Everybody loves a bargain, but when it comes to cheap web hosting, how much of a bargain do you actually get?  Web host companies seem to be falling over themselves to offer their customers cheap deals, but it’s important to remember that “cheap” doesn’t necessarily mean “good”.  If you’re looking to build an online business,… continue reading →

How Mail Server Works?

Mail servers that are used for processing email are very simple to understand.  They work diligently in the background in order to route the emails that are sent from the sender to the recipient.  This is how they are designed to work (in the simplest sense): The basics of POP and IMAP The need to… continue reading →

Guide to easy Domain Management

Having a large number of domain names can be a very difficult thing to manage, especially if they were acquired over time.  Not only is it important to manage your domains to be more organized, but the process of managing them correctly will prevent problems when you need to pay for the domain renewals or… continue reading →