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Web Hosting Secrets Companies Hide from You

In business, companies will do nearly anything they can to attract and generate traffic. Once the traffic is generated, they have multiple ways of influencing the purchase decision of these people. In web hosting, companies have various ways to attracting potential clients to their website. Web hosting companies have many sneaky tricks up their sleeves,… continue reading →

Offshore Hosting Service

The internet is world made up of the good and the bad, and it creates rumours and speculations on thousands of topics. Similarly, our society is built around a foundation that we believe exists, and when something out of the ordinary occurs, media attention will rise to the surface. Eventually governments will intervene and legal… continue reading →

Protect Shared Hosting from Viruses

Many clients will be using shared web hosting for the simple fact that it is affordable and provides a generous amount of resources to be used with a website.  Shared hosting is often a great choice for personal websites and non-professional types of sites.  Although it is not impossible to use shared hosting for more… continue reading →

Economic Recession and Web Hosting

The economic recession has been a major issue in places around the world where money has hit hard on financial deals.  Of course, web hosting is one of the “necessities of life” especially when the business world is dealing with the internet.  This means that even through economic recession, prices have stayed strong with many… continue reading →

Overview of IMAP emails

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a special email service that allows data being accessed to stay on the server rather than needing to be downloaded to the computer that is accessing the email.  POP mail systems actually have to download the email onto the computer using a email browsing software application.  For most Windows… continue reading →

Values of Business Web Host

Business web hosting is something that is offered by a variety of hosting companies and is improving as time goes on.  These types of hosting services will usually require a large addition of hosting resources over those of the other hosting options that are generally much smaller in terms of storage and bandwidth transfer.  High… continue reading →

Web Hosting for Bloggers

Bloggers are some of the most intelligent people sometimes.  Even though intelligence may be seen in their insightful opinions that they post to their blogs, they may not have chosen the right web hosting for their blogs.  It is important for beginners to understand what it takes to choose a hosting option for their up… continue reading →

Testing Shared Web Hosting

The shared hosting service is one of the best options that are available to many clients because it offers an affordable option that is usually available with most hosting services.  It is a great idea to test out the service to ensure that it is the best for your website needs.  To do this, it… continue reading →