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Web Hosting and Site Builders

Using website builders and web hosting are always a great combination for most webmasters.  Website builders are excellent tools which will make it possible to create a website in shorter time span than is usually possible by manually coding the site.  It is important that those using website builders understand what these builders do. Different… continue reading →

Dedicated vs Reseller Hosting

Choosing between hosting service plans such as dedicated hosting and reseller options must be done with some knowledge before jumping right into making the purchase.  Both have different benefits and will provide the necessary resources for each type of website that needs the specific hosting possible with each. Dedicated hosting is really the best option… continue reading →

What is Multiple Domain Hosting?

A multiple domain hosting plan is a type of hosting plan which allows multiple domain names to be attached and allocated to separate portions of the hosting.  This can be accomplished on webhosting services which provide the appropriate software and hardware requirements to allow clients to partition their hosting plan to be shared between the… continue reading →

Choosing Open Source CMS

Content management system (CMS) software is available in two options.  The first is through paid options which are often commercially packaged and available through several means both online and offline through software vendors.  The second is an option called open source, which means that the software can be coded and compiled by capable users free… continue reading →