Small businesses who are ready to get online with a website will always want to save money whenever possible.  Even a small budget can provide a generous amount of webhosting from most webhosts that have economy options available.  These are often very simple options to try out at first because they can be upgraded later if necessary.  Most importantly, different webhosting companies will offer different options so it is important to research those which offer the resources needed for the small business needs.

Cheap hosting solutions need to have the following for most small businesses

Generous Storage – The need to have a generous amount of storage is important, especially for a small business website.  Storage is used to hold everything from the website data coded in the HTML to the image/graphics and other media that is accessed by the website.  A cheap hosting option that offers very little storage will not be suitable for most business type website.

Generous Bandwidth – Bandwidth is important because it allows for the website to be accessed by potential consumers by allowing them to download and upload information to the website.  Higher bandwidth caps are always great but may not be necessary.  A generous amount of at least 10GB or so should be the minimum for a small business.

Excellent Memory – Memory is essential to business type websites.  Websites that become very popular will need to have enough memory to deal with the website visitors accessing the site and using the resources available with the service plan.  More memory means that the website will be able to tend to more requests.

Uptime Guarantee – A guarantee of uptime is necessary for small business type websites.  Those with a higher and neat perfect uptime guarantee are required.  At least 99% uptime should be chosen for a plan that is available for small business.  If the website goes down then the small business will risk losing customers because of the downtime and that is a very serious risk to take.

Website Building Tools – Unless the small business has an expert webmaster or team on hand to build the website, they will more than likely not be able to have a great website right away.  Specialized website tools may be available with some hosting solutions which expedite the creation of an aesthetically pleasing website that is functional.

Various Options – Hosting plans that have great options available to choose from are always preferred over those which are very limited.  It is important to choose one that will not be charging the small business for gimmicks that they will not be using with their websites.

When comparing each of the previous points, a small business must consider what they will need before finalizing their decision.  It is always recommended to get at least the minimum that is necessary in terms of resources.  A dedicated option in hosting is also much better when available and offers more than a shared hosting option at a slightly higher cost.

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