All online businesses need an excellent shopping cart to manage their ecommerce related transactions. In most cases, not your products or services will make the difference between the success and failure of your business, but the used methods to market and sell those products to your customers. An excellent shopping cart will boost your customer’s general experience and will make them return in the future for an easy online shopping. A deficient shopping cart will drive away your customers and will make them buy the same products or services from your competitors. As you are looking for an ecommerce hosting service keep in mind the following qualities an online shopping cart should have.

Main features of a good shopping cart

Up-Selling Capabilities. If you have some kind of previous restaurant or sales industry experience, you most probably know what up-selling is. Up-selling is the procedure when extra products or services are offered to a customer based on their initial purchase or search term. For instance, for a customer ready to buy an MP3 player, then a suitable up-sell is the recommendation of some headphones for the MP3 player. This feature is often offered by numerous shopping carts automatically, enabling webmasters to add a group of products connected to each other to be sold all together. These product groups will be recommended to the customers at their checkout. This will ultimately improve the general shopping experience of your customers and in the same time will also boost your overall sales.

User Reviews. Customers tend to purchase products and services that pleased the previous customers in the past. Gaining the confidence of your customers is essential in improving the sales of your products and the best to accomplish that is through authentic user reviews. A proper shopping cart allows customers to read reviews of the purchasing product, thus encouraging them to complete the sale. It is also recommended to have a shopping cart prompting new customers to leave their own reviews.

Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization is an essential part in the promotional campaign of any online business. Although quality and relevant content as well as a proper keyword density is most widely used for search engine placement, a proper shopping cart is also very important. A proper shopping cart will automatically generate keyword rich URL’s for your products and services, boosting up your website’s search engine optimization.

Coupons. In general, people shopping online are constantly searching for the best possible price while there are several online websites offering nothing else but coupons for various products and services. If you happen to sell some of these products and services, it is vital for your site’s shopping cart to have coupon capability. You are certainly losing sales if you fail to provide customers the possibility to use coupons.

The best and easy way to host and secure your online shopping website is to choose the right ecommerce hosting, which has different free and paid shipping carts scripts available with one click installation tool.

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