As your business is getting larger, your shared hosting might not be enough to properly support the higher demand on your website and you might be seriously thinking about switching to a larger and superior hosting service. a Virtual Private Server or VPS might be the perfect solution for you.

What’s Different About VPS?

In fact, VPS is one or more server running within another server, each of them working as a dedicated server, with the difference that they share the same hardware. Thus, VPS is nothing else than a superior form of shared hosting. It is similar to a multi-unit luxury town house, with each unit having its own bedroom, kitchen and storage place within a bigger unit. Sphera, Ensim or Parralels are just some of the software merchants which developed virtualization software run by the popular Virtuozzo platform for instance.
Now, let’s take a closer look to the main advantages and differences of VPS as compared to shared hosting.

Performance Isolation

With VPS, the CPU load and massive traffic will have no influence on the other private servers running on the same computer. As a result, regardless of your neighbor’s activity, your website will not be affected by it.

Functional Isolation

As VPS are independent and invisible to each other, they are not required to share any services or software. Even more, they do not have to share processes or the file system.

Fault Tolerance

This is a major difference to shared hosting, as the problems that occur on one VPS, will not affect the other VPS.

Unique IP

In addition to that, each and every VPS will have its own designated IP address and network stack.

Root Access

VPS will also give you root access, meaning you have the ability to install any application you might need and you are in full control over the administration of your website.

Guaranteed Resources

Because of the fact that you are not sharing vital resources, for instance memory, CPU, disk space or bandwidth, with VPS web hosting your website will have a superior uptime and availability in the same time.

Enhanced Security

For the same considerations, VPS will also deliver you a higher and better security. With VPS you have total control over network stacks, processes and disk space.
The above listed advantages and security issues turn VPS into a fine solution for people running their own smaller or larger business, for web developers and resellers as well. The server will give you the possibility to setup your own software solutions, multimedia applications, database servers or your preferred operating system. VPS will surely cost you some money, but it is usually cheaper than dedicated hosting. Please note that Virtualization is not suitable for everyone as it does require certain technical skills, because it is like having your own web server. Nevertheless, with their user-friendly interface – control panel – things might seem easy in terms of website management on VPS.


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