Choosing between hosting service plans such as dedicated hosting and reseller options must be done with some knowledge before jumping right into making the purchase.  Both have different benefits and will provide the necessary resources for each type of website that needs the specific hosting possible with each.

Dedicated hosting is really the best option for a website that needs to have more resources available to it.  Dedicated hosting employs the use of an entire server to the needs of whatever the client needs the server for.  This is one of the only options which can provide a very large amount of resources such as memory, storage and traffic.  Websites that use very large databases for example, will need to have a large amount of memory available to handle all of the processing that takes place with the databases on the server.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting can provide options such as a dedicated IP address.  The ability to have a dedicated server also makes it possible to increase privacy and security of the website by not having the resources shared.  When there are problems with a shared hosting service, it is not impossible for accounts to become compromised and have data corrupted and private information taken when there are lapses in security between them.  It is very important to choose an option that will make it possible to have more security whenever possible.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting

The reseller hosting concept is much different and is useful in its own way.  The usual dispense of resources for a reseller hosting option is possible through a partition of storage and bandwidth.  Of course some of the modern options make it possible to have “unlimited” resources but this can be limited in some ways and may cost much more to implement and have available.  The reseller hosting makes it possible to have several websites with separate IP addresses on a single hosting plan.

The other benefit that is available with reseller hosting is the possibility of reselling the resources in the plan.  A client using the reseller hosting that will not be using the entirety of the hosting can actually partition it and sell the hosting to a client underneath them.  This makes it possible to have access to a possibility of making money as a small hosting company.  This makes the hosting economical in a way that it can be paid for by reselling the hosting to other clients.

The needs of the individual’s website(s) are the main concern whenever they are choosing between the dedicated hosting and reseller hosting options that are available.  For sites that do not need to have as much dedicated resources available for them the use of reseller hosting may be the best choice.  Others which will require more performance and stability will want to be hosted through a dedicated option.  Budget may be a concern and a deciding factor for the client as well so choosing the option which is most affordable may be the course of action to take.

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