It could be difficult to choose a datacenter, because most companies offer several types of datacenters. You must know what elements to take into consideration while you choose a datacenter. Firstly you must clarify what requires your company and why. You can talk with an associates group about the reason for that your company needs what it does. May be after these discussions you will realize that your company set of needs are others than your configuration template that you actually use. Find out if there are more suited configurations to your company’s requirements. Observing the difference between a profitable use of your budget and a sub- par datacenter possibility could influence your business in many ways and also play an important role in your business success. What are the features that must have a datacenter? We will tell by giving you as an example a potential equation. Let’s say that you have a web development company with approximately 15 employees. Every employee has high knowledge and experience in the computers world; I mean your employees are the best in this field. Everything goes well, until you encounter an obstacle. You receive an offer for a new contract for providing your services for one year, but you must extend your company. Besides the 15 employees you will hire other 40 people, so you will have in totally 55 employees. Each of your employees will turn in 105,000 word documents, making 550 new documents daily. These documents will be uploaded to a datacenter server which gives the possibility to the visitors to view these pages. These visitors view these pages in total, approximately 61 million times in a month. The uploaded documents contain colorful images and animated graphics. So to be able to handle this high server load, the datacenter must have the following features:

  • 4x Quad-Core Intel Xeon
  • 64 Gigabytes RAM
  • 2×73GB, 15K, SAS (RAID)
  • 2 Terabytes Bandwidth
  • Managed® Service Level

These characteristics were chosen on the datacenter end:

  • Keycard tools, biometric scanning tools and 24/7 interior and exterior surveillance provide extensive monitoring on the data center.
  • Just specified persons, who are employees at the datacenter has the right for access to the data center. Without having permission and an appropriate accompanying, no one else can enter into the datacenter zone.
  • Before hiring them, all the employees must pass over a strict examination; these are background checks and private investigations.
  • Data center’s HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) system is N+1 redundant. Even in a catastrophe case, the ventilation and heating system will be able to stay online. Dust and contaminants will be removed from that zone in 90 seconds.
  • Fire suppression systems extinguish the fire in the moment they appeared.
  • Conditioned Power
  • Even in case of an interruption of electrical power, the server still works online. Backup UPS assure a constant source of backup power for each server.
  • The UPS power subsystem is N+1 redundant, with a second method of UPS power available. Even if the primary UPS fails, we remain online.
  • The diesel generators are for ensure that the systems remain online and runs in any situation. We can stay online and can run for weeks while begins the reparation.
  • Core Routing Equipment
  • Completely redundant, enterprise class routing hardware
  • Network Technicians
  • Networking groups must have high experience and to be trained to hire with the company.

So don’t forget that matters a lot what datacenter you choose. Maybe you will don’t believe this, but even the milliseconds that take to access a server could influence badly your business. While most people based on the online transactions, even milliseconds could determine the consumers to take other decisions related to their buying. If your website doesn’t work fast, then you risk loosing your existing customers.

To choose a datacenter which is the most suitable for your needs and for your budget, then take into consideration the above features that must have a datacenter. The selected datacenter for that example is the most powerful and one that has the highest performing features all around the world. Take into consideration and use the information from this article for your business, but the mileage may differ. Now you know what features must have a good datacenter and also the server inside it, so you know what’s the difference between a sub- par datacenter and a fully equipped datacenter. The above example for the datacenter with a performing configuration has optimal result related to their efficiency. Your requirements can determine you to choose a datacenter with lesser features. Don’t spend a lot of money to feel in safe, because this may affect financially your company. Choose your datacenter according to your needs related to your contractual obligations.

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