Today, online form of business has become a very common means of earning too many people. It is considered feasible enough to reach out to people from different parts of the world and also make good money from just staying at home. But, before you actually set up your online form of business, there are a few things that you need to be sure of. In many cases, either the set up is not good enough for the kind of business you plan to run or the outcome is taking long which eventually leads to getting many people to let go right before the goals are achieved. The one problematic area in this whole thing is when the question in regards with the web hosting plan arises.

There are a few people who feel going with the free or cheap web hosting plan will not affect their online business in the wrong way. Therefore, going with a not so good web hosting plan initially and then upgrading it, all this might take a long time and come as a major hindrance. However one can go with a shared web hosting plan. The following lines will pour light on the relation of e-commerce with shared hosting.

SSL & Shared Hosting

SSL is more like a protection shield that is used for your e-commerce website. Many customers look up such seals so that they know that you are protected by SSL. The only way you can protect your site is by utilizing an SSL certificate that follows the necessary protocol. The one problem that you might face while using a shared web hosting plan is that you cannot use more than one SSL certificate even though it states unlimited domain, one does not have as much freedom in a shared web hosting plan. To ensure that all your online shops are secured, you need to have a different hosting plan and account for every site and this indeed would cost you a little more.

Dedicated IP Addresses and Shared Hosting

The other problem that you might face with a shared hosting plan is the blockage of IP addresses. The sites that you are associated with will affect you in many ways. Sometimes because of a few illegitimate websites, a chunk of IP addresses gets blocked. Even if you are not related to them in any which way, still you can get affected with such websites, so much so that your online search ranking also might go down. Just because you share the same online identity with them, for no reason you would have to face such consequences and if at all the ranking goes down, the profits would be affected as well.

Limited Server Resources

The other disadvantage of shared website hosting is the lack of disk space and lack of usage of the many resources available. Of all the sources available, you can only use only a few as there will be other website owners who would want to take advantage of such opportunities. This in turn will affect your traffic as no customers would like less speed in terms of the time being consumed to load a page.

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