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Updated on: March 29, 2019
Company: FatCow
Price from: $3.15 / month

FatCow Web Hosting company was founded in 1998 and they provide shared web hosting for small to medium size business or individuals, who are looking for an affordable and quality hosting service. Fatcow is popular not only for the great service and low price, but the support and the hosting technology is also over expectation.

FatCow Reliability

FatCow team is monitoring their servers day and night, and is able to solve any issues regarding up-time in very fast. FatCow is a reliable hosting provider offering 99.9% up-time guarantee. Every business website shall have at least this percent of uptime, other way your business will be considered unprofessional by your potential customers.

FatCow Hosting Value

FatCow plan is good for personal, business or ecommerce websites. They provide different solutions for any website need. For only $44/year (discounted price) you can purchase a professional hosting service backed with an award winning support and great uptime. The package comes with a free domain name (if you require), $125 in marketing credits, Rate point feedback service, yellowpages listing; so Fat Cow hosting plan absolutely worth the money.

FatCow Support

Noticed any issued at the middle of the night and need help with your FatCow hosting account? No problem, the support team is awake day and night and it’s ready to help you. You may reach the support 24/7 using their toll free phone number, email support or live chat. The best answers for technical questions you can receive by phone and emails.

FatCow Control Panel

FatCow hosting plan is powered by the popular control panel, vDeck. This enables to their users to manage files, websites, domains, email addresses, databases, scripts with ease. The control panel does not require technical skills; almost anyone can add a domain to its account or create a new email address or even an email forwarder. Want to install Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, phpBB or any other script? With vDeck you can do it pressing a single button.

FatCow Guarantees

FatCow will refund your money within 30 days (only hosting plan cost) if you are not satisfied with their hosting service or support. FatCow also guarantees 99.9 percent server up-time and non stop available support using three different methods: phone, email, chat.

FatCow Green Hosting

FatCow is a certified green hosting provider; their servers are powered 100% by wind energy. Purchasing their hosting plan, you will help in protecting the environment by reducing carbon emission, plus you will get a professional hosting service backed with a top quality support and features.

FatCow Pros

In three words you may call this The Unlimited Plan: unlimited web space and data transfer, host unlimited domains, create unlimited emails and forwarders, and install as many scripts you need. Beside these great features don’t forget about the over $100 in marketing credits, Yellowpages listing, Ratepoint feedback. FatCow is very simple to use, anyone can manage domains, emails or whatever they need in the hosting panel. Using their free website builder users can create and publish web pages and contact form with ease.

FatCow Cons

The only negative part in this entire great hosting package is that FatCow does not offer the possibility to upgrade your hosting plan to a virtual or dedicated server. The shared plan is very good for small to medium sized websites, but for big corporate sites, vps or dedicated is essential. At FatCow there is no option for windows hosting, only linux is available.

FatCow Coupon Code

The standard cost of FatCow’s hosting package is $88 per year, but some times they offer this for only $66 per year. If you sign up from our website, you can get 50% discount; for only $44/year you will get a professional hosting service at Fat Cow hosting. (some times the price may be lower, if you are hunting for special hosting deals, just follow our website).

Is Fat Cow Good Business?

Any business website shall have at least 99.9% uptime which is guaranteed as well a very good technical support. At Fat Cow you can have everything that a business website needs. This hosting company is mostly recommended for beginners but experienced webmasters may also find their offer very attractive. Currently we are hosting and testing several websites at Fat Cow hosting; everything runs fast and we are satisfied with the performance of each. We highly recommend FatCow for business use!

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Rory on Mar 08, 2016
I’ve been with FatCow for just over two weeks. Their server reliability is good. The packages are attractive, and their pricing is extraordinary. Their support staff are very poorly trained, and mostly just copy-paste passages from their help pages.

FatCow’s control panel is buggy, and crashes can result in “zombie” DNS records that cannot be removed by the customer or by level 1 tech support.

Migration of my websites has taken two weeks, and two sites are still not resolving. FatCow support staff cannot explain why, and keep pasting the same passages.

Conclusion – FatCow’s service is significantly below many free hosting services. I’ve asked for a refund many times, but they don’t offer refunds under any circumstances.

Chip Beck on May 15, 2012
I have been using FatCow for about a month, and I am extremely impressed. They were the second group I tried for domain hosting, and were a huge improvement from Arvixe (my first provider). You can get away with the MiniMoo package, and upgrade to premium templates or website builders. This way, you only end up paying only $5/month and an extra $8 annually! Don't forget that you even get a custom email address, you can even put it on your iPhone even though they say you have to upgrade. My only complaint is that FatCow always try's to get you to upgrade to a premium service. The customer service is great, they will give you more than you subscribe to, and fast too!

Andrea on Sep 21, 2011
I use Fatcow and think they provide a great service. For the price you won't be able to find a better deal. It's a piece of mind knowing that the servers are very reliable and the support team works with you to solve any problems you might have.

Darryl D. Smith on Jun 16, 2011
When I first heard of FatCow, my response was, \"What?!\" It didn\'t take me long to look through the features, and notice that the price was well within my range, so I decided why not. There were times when my website went down due to technical reasons I couldn\'t understand, so I would contact their 24/7 help desk. Within minutes, my problem was either rectified or passed on to a tech support person who would figure out the root cause of the issue within a day or so. Not bad for the price in my opinion. I would recommend FatCow for anyone that wants a hosting company that offers ease of use and also friendly customer service reps. Check them out when you can!

Drupaler on Apr 06, 2011
You really can't beat Fatcow for the price. I'm able to install as many sites as I want to.

I'm running six drupal sites on one account and it works very well. I did encounter the "internal server errors" but with Fatcow support, they were able to make a change on their mysql server that fixed the problem.

Michael Rodgers on Mar 05, 2011
Have been working with FatCow for about a month now, buying into the fact that they seemed to have a decent feature set for the price. In all honesty, I am not at all satisfied with the service.
Their script installations have been buggy to say the least, customer support reps, even with premium support subscription, are often cocky and curt, and minimally helpful.
I have had to take liberty to contact their customer support at least once a day for the past week, and I’m not a novice at this. I am going to be changing providers over the weekend.

Contina on Feb 22, 2011
Not the worst, certainly not the best. My sites are monitored and I have had about 50 notices of temporary shutdowns of the sites in a years period. They are usually fifteen minutes or less, but I don't think this qualifies as 99% up time. Attempting to explain this to their "agents" is fairly useless; they magically think it has to do with the cable company or some such notion. Companies would do well to understand that people can handle "I don't know" as an answer to difficult questions.
I do love the ease with which I was able to set up Wordpress.
I completely disdain the fact that I get notices every month that certain emails will be disabled unless used..as this should matter.

Filoxenia on Oct 08, 2010
Regarding Fatcow, the good thing I have to mark is maintains a round-the-clock monitoring system to ensure that its servers and infrastructure are running a peak performance and server contents can be reliably accessed 24 hours a day.

Robert on Aug 19, 2010
For Joomla sites FatCow is an excellent hosting provider. I have been hosting with them 5 Joomla sites for more then 8 months and I'm very pleased with the performance of each website.
I love the support, they are helping me every time, when an issue appear.
A+ for FatCow!

HurricanHunter on Jul 25, 2010
Fatcow is perfect for joomla and wordpress websites.
With my other hosting company I had only problems with databases and site speed. I know that joomla is using much server resource than a simple html site, but fatcow servers could handle everything and I'm extremely satisfied with their support and service.

Paula B. on Feb 12, 2010
I'm using fatcow for more than 6 months, and did not had any problems so far. They servers are reliable and didn't noticed any downtime for my websites.
Some times the live chat support is slow, but the email and phone support is professional. Fatcow is my first hosting provider, and they has helped me a lot to put my business online.
Great service! I would recommend to any business owner!

Samuel on Feb 11, 2010
For Drupal sites Fatcow is a no go. For one it's slow, and is prone to give "internal" errors. But biggest reason I've had to switch is the fact that they don't allow cron jobs. Very important if you need to schedule anything, like updates, newsletters, etc. I also had a hard time getting certain PHP plugins setup and running.