If you run an online business, or if you’re a small business looking to establish an online presence, your choice of web host will be very important.  Your ability to make money absolutely depends on finding the right host, so it’s a decision that you need to take very seriously.  In this article, we’ll outline the sorts of things you need to look for in your web host.

Most Important Features in Small Business Hosting

1. Back ups.  Although it’s your responsibility to back up your own data, your web host has a responsibility too.  If the server crashes or if there’s a power failure, you need to know that your data, and that of your customers, is safely stored somewhere where it can be easily retrieved.

2. The right sort of hosting.  Most small businesses should be fine with a shared hosting deal, ie, a hosting package where you share server space with a number of other users.  This is much cheaper and much easier than dedicated hosting, which allocates one server per website.  This is really an option for larger businesses and ecommerce operations.

3. Reliability. Uptime is money.  Every time a customer can’t visit your site, you’re losing out, so small business web hosting needs to be reliable above everything else.  Check out your web host’s service level agreement for server uptime.

4. Security.  This is particularly important for small businesses, who don’t just have their own data to consider, but that of their customers.  If you’re taking payments online, it’s absolutely essential that you have SSL certificates in place to encrypt credit card and other personal data.  Nobody is going to buy anything from you if they don’t believe their payment details are safe.

5. Technical Support.  You’re not a technical expert, but you need to be able to get hold of one in an emergency.  A good web host will have 24 hour technical support available, and will respond to your requests quickly and efficiently.

6. Customer Support.  As a small business, you understand that you live and die by how you treat your customers.  You should expect the same level of customer support from your web host.

7. Ease of use.  Generally speaking, your website is there to help you run your core business.  It’s not there to be a full time job in itself.  So look for hosting packages that give you lots of user friendly hosting software, such as control panels, website builders and file transfer programs.  Also make sure that the package will allow you to do the things you want to do, such as instal shopping carts or customer databases.

Above all, look for the sort of deals that add value, such as unconditional money back guarantees or discounts for buying in bulk.  Choosing a web host is a business deal like any other, so you should think and act accordingly.

Professional web hosting for company’s website

As a business owner, regardless of the area of your business, you should be aware of the major impact of the internet over the success or failure of your business. The internet offers business owners an outstanding cost-effective and great ways to target new customers and connect with the existing ones and in the same time adding some professionalism and certain class to the entire business. Business owners who fail to make the most out of this incredible mean of communication will soon find themselves wrestling with their competitors.

Reliable hosting service for business owners

Every business owner should select a reliable and specialized web hosting company for their sites to run professionally without being down in crucial moments and to maintain the customers pleased with what it is offered. The selection of a web hosting provider is a very important one.

If you consider that you can simply randomly pick and choose the first web hosting service provider you came across, think again as we are talking about a choice with a great impact on your future success. To be certain of some level of success, you have to precisely determine and be fully aware of your requirements. You don’t have to permanently fix them or accurately determine them; some general ideas are more than enough. The point is to have some sort of direction and guidance to assist you in your selection process.
Remember that web hosting service companies will offer a wide range of packages. Basically, they will offer different type of services for different amount of money and these things should be taken in consideration prior of signing up for a certain package. For instance, if you have a limited budget you will most certainly choose a web hosting service provider with the best possible price. Users looking for a quality and reliable technical support should select packages that offer the needed support.

If you are still having difficulties in determining what exactly you need, you should ask for some other people’s opinion, such as your work colleagues or even clients on what service provider to use. Be straight with them and honest and they will also give you an honest and truthful answer. This is just one quick and efficient way of finding a trustworthy hosting service provider, with minimum effort and will provide you with the needed guidance and support. It will also give you the chance to efficiently establish what to basically look for in a service provider.

However, please feel free to perform the needed research for yourself, if that is what you really want. Be aware that much more work is required from your part to get some satisfactory results and that might be a rather discouraging for some people.


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    Hi Mark,
    very nice post , I have taken your advice and I choose dedicated servers from InMotion hosting solutions for my small business websites really good hosting.

  2. Heather A

    You may want to consider eComLane for hosting. They offer VPS and Cloud dedicated servers. I’ve been using them for over a year now and I’m extremely happy with them.

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