The webhost should always offer the best support possible to their clients.  Of course many webhosts are very busy and may make it a little bit harder to get service whenever they need customer service or support.  These are some reasons why you may have poor customer service and support:

Tips for a better hosting experience

Prepare your concerns – Most hosts will eventually be able to get to you when you are trying to reach them.  What you need to do is have all of your concerns ready and available for you to inquire about when you are finally answered.  Regardless of whether you are talking to them directly via phone or asking a question through email, it is important to ask the right questions so that they can understand your needs and dispense the help you need right away.

Pay more for hosting – Most hosting companies are able to provide affordable hosting services.  One of the ways that they are able to pull this off is by cutting down on the customer service.  This means that a cheap hosting option may not always be the best when you may run into trouble with the hosting either by your fault or the hosts fault.  A better service that costs more will usually answer customer service faster and with greater efficiency than one that offers very cheap hosting.

Hosting Location – It may not occur to you but your webhost may be located in another state or even another country.  This means that access to the actual servers may be done by people who are in a different time zone.  This means that you may actually not be able to access customer service because they are not operating during your time regardless whether or not it is normal business operating times where you are from.
Outsourcing – Say that you hosting is located within your country, well the customer service may be located on the other side of the world thanks to outsourcing.  Lower cost in support means that webhosts are able to offer you “better” services with your hosting plan.  You will then need to call a customer support representative that is not in your area when you need help with something on your account.  There may be problems in dialect which could actually cause more problems with your hosting account.

If any of the previous factors have been a part of your bad experiences with the hosting service then it may be a good time to switch over to a new web host.  Getting better customer service can be as simple as asking to speak to a manager.  The managers will often have more experience with the problems that you are experiencing with your hosting.  If corresponding through email, then the best thing may be to find out if a chat option is available to be able to have direct one on one conferencing to get to the root of the problem right away.

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