Having a large number of domain names can be a very difficult thing to manage, especially if they were acquired over time.  Not only is it important to manage your domains to be more organized, but the process of managing them correctly will prevent problems when you need to pay for the domain renewals or providing updated information.  Here are a few tips to help ease dealing with the domain names that you currently own:

How to manage domains with ease?

Consolidate Renew Dates – It is important to make it possible to manage when you pay for your domains so that they can be handled all at once.  You do not want to end up with having to pay separate bills for your domain names throughout the year.  Instead, using a consolidation option through the domain seller is the best option to use whenever you can afford paying for all of the domains at once.  This way planning to have money available for the renewal is possible while allowing you to not forget making a payment on any domains by having their renewal dates scattered throughout the year.

Use Automatic Renewal – One of the most important things that a website owner can do is ensure that their domain names are protected from being taken by other people.  It is important to keep payments up and running to ensure that the domains stay under your ownership.  This also makes it possible to keep the domains whenever you may not have access to the internet while traveling, being in the hospital or any other situation which could cause accidental loss of the domains when necessary.

Register Domains Long Term – It is possible to get long term registration in excess of a few years.  This means that you can register the domain for a decade and forget about it basically (after following the above options of course).  This makes it possible to ensure that the domain will never fall into the wrong hands simply because you forgot to pay it one day.  Domain name registration for long term is simple and affordable as rates usually taper down and are more cost efficient when you pay in advance.

Keep Information Current – Any time anything changes in the physical world that deal with your information, it is important to update the domain provider as well so that you can always be available if they need to contact you.  It is a shame that many of the domains that are stolen by others are due to the fact that the current owner was unable to be contacted about a renewal or other process which allowed others to take ownership of the domains.

By taking the time to control how the domains work and using some common sense, management can become very simple over time.  The best thing that any domain owner can do is ensure that they keep the domains that are essential for their website needs by managing them correctly with the previous tips.

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