If you’re looking to host your own websites, you’ll know that there are a number of boxes that your web host company needs to tick.  Of course, price is important – nobody wants to spend more than they have to.  But sometimes, it’s not just about the money.  It’s about value, the things that you actually get for your dollar above and beyond the minimum.  cPanel web hosting offers great value.

The Advantages Of cPanel

  • cPanel is a well established web hosting system, offered by a number of web hosting companies. If you decide to change your host, you don’t need to learn a whole new set of webmaster tools to run your site.
  • it’s easy to use, allowing you to manage every single aspect of your website in a clear and intuitive way.
  • if you have a reseller account, you can offer cPanel to your customers, so that they can enjoy all the benefits and options that it has to offer, too.
  • cPanel comes packaged with a number of business tools, such as shopping carts, to help your online business succeed.
  • cPanel is fully customizable, so you can add or delete as many features as you wish, and you can even run your own custom applications.
  • cPanel keeps you fully informed about server status and the status of your account.  If there are problems with either, you’ll quickly learn about them via emails or instant messaging.  It’s reassuring to know that if you don’t hear anything, everything’s running smoothly.

All in all, cPanel is something that all webmasters and website owners need to be familiar with, and it’s certainly something you should look for if you’re shopping around for a web host.

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