When you browse the internet, you will be placed with a good range of articles that highlight on the essence of having a good amount of disk space and also the bandwidth. However, there are many hosting services that will try their level best to tempt you with their packages and what they are offering. But, you shouldn’t just fall for any of it without knowing as to why you need it and how much. It is good to have large amount of disk space but there has to be a limit. Based on what purpose you need it for, you can choose the appropriate one.

Web space and data transfer varies from site to site

To choose what disk space you need and also on the bandwidth, you should look into the kind of website that you are planning to have. Usually the small type of websites falls into such a category.

1. Brochure site is made up of around 10 web pages and that in turn explains the kind of business and the related activities. The products and related services are elaborated and also reference is made to the kind of audience or customers are being targeted. This kind of a site must have pages with the products related information and also the contact related information. Such sites get a name because most evidently they act as a brochure for the company on the internet.

2. A theme based site is a kind of a website that moves around a particular theme or topic. These sites are usually for the freelancers or people who wish to work from home. These types of sites contain blogs, articles, updates, tutorials on various issues. They are nothing but a place where you can find information on products that are for sale.

3. Mini sites are also known as sites that deal with one product and are not very diverse. They are sites that have about one or maximum two web pages. Their idea is to sell one product or take in information from the website visitors and use them to market or sell them. This is a site where in you shall find a contact page with all the related information and also an order form using which the visitor can place an order.

Every website has its own set of classification and criteria. Based on which there is a different amount of bandwidth and disk space used.

When it comes to the brochure site, it does not really need a lot of bandwidth or disk space. An average size of business has a very decent size of website. The basic services from the web host are sufficient.

A mini site as the name suggest is quite small and not too fancy. Therefore, this does not require a huge amount of disk space at all. However, if the site based on the product that it deals in manages to become popular then one might need to look into the bandwidth as then the site would have to be effective with the means to be used to become popular and also its association with the SEO.

Lastly, a theme based site does not require more disk space in the initial stage. But, with the gaining popularity, it might become a little essential to look into the disk space and increase it. This way you can get more updates and also more content that in turn pulls in enough traffic.

Irrespective of the type of the website that you choose for your business, it is important to know that there is a risk of expecting the uncertain sometimes. Therefore the best way out to go by the good host that provides you with good services.

Nowadays, many hosting companies offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth, so you don’t have to worry much about these 2 resources, while hosting with these type of firms. You should take care of CPU and RAM usage of your hosting account.

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