Websites can be found within specific or definite categories by using directories. The directories and search engines are not used for the same reasons; directories characterize just the verified websites which have a certain norm and offers information about content.

The boost traffic is the most founded reason for which are used the directories. To fulfill this, one has to be characterized in enlarged directories like the Yahoo, DMOZ, and LookSmart. These will help you a lot to gain more traffic to your website and your link will be more popular, Google Page Rank will increase.

How can you realize a maxim exposure?

  • Choose the most appropriate category for your website. Your website topic and target has to coincide with the category and subcategory. Taking an example, if your website is about a business of health then must list at the health category and not at business. Only in this way visitors who are looking for a health website will have access yours. Find a keyword which is the most appropriate to your website on the directory. The directory will display the most essential categories for the keyword. So try to find one which is the most suitable in all viewpoints.
  • Edit a title that will help you to increase the traffic on your website and not to reject the visitors. Try to choose a title that include the most relevant words and we recommend you to start your title with a letter from the beginning of the alphabet. Try to express the target and the importance of your website in a title which contains approximately 15- 25 words. Besides offering information about your website try to link as many keywords you can to your website.
  • Buy advertising from PPC networks or directories.
  • Create a user- and search engine friendly website.
  • The highlighted images could affect the visibility of search engines so try to choose simple images and texts.
  • Back links on directories and business listings could be very useful. Find out what type of back links are using the competitors.
  • Renew your content often. This influences visitors to go back to your website. Your content should include plenty of keywords.
  • Manage a web log or blog. This is an important step to boost traffic; on the other hand you offer information regularly.
  • Advertise your website on business cards, paper bags, etc. Share to your clients and business partner’s e- zine or updates as a newspaper.
  • You could use paying search engines for better listings and quick estimation of your website.
  • Use advertisements on mailing lists and websites.
  • Allow reciprocal link program from relevant websites.

Increase the traffic by controlling the traffic often. Watch the steps and the frequency of your visitors. Deduce what is efficient and what is inefficient. Use cookies in a way to obtain good results. You must have a good knowledge in technology and use it completely. Accept new opportunities and innovations. Publish a successful marketing strategy.

Some advices to have success: offers something special; ensure that your site to be reliable; use a network for supporters, be sincere in your business cases, not delay with the delivery and use low costs, learn all your life, renew your website regularly to keep the step with other websites, cut out a niche and divide it in directions that are important to your business method.

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