When starting your first small business website, there are three important questions you should ask yourself.

  1. Who is the target of your business?
  2. How will people find your website?
  3. How will convert visitors into sales?

There are only simple questions, but many people don’t bother, and than they say that their website does not help to grow up the business.

Questions to ask yourself building an online business

Who are the people that need your business offer?

On the firs question you need to think about, because this is that step, when you decide, what would you like to offer, for your customers. Want to sell them something, maybe a product or a service, or just an idea about your conception and experience?

Decide on a niche, and focus on that. Look for the competition before, and get a clear vision about your opponents. If you have a secret tactics to reach the target, use them all to maximize the profit.

How will internet users find about your business?

The search engines will also help you when creating a niche. They will give you the most of the traffic and the best leads to your website.

Who might type into a search engine those keywords that you consider to find you? Find out who are in the top 10, because your website need to be there. Your competition is there? Are they working on their websites? Think about, how can improve them. Offer something unique to your customers, to be different from the rest. Many of internet users are looking for free stuffs.

After you choose the keywords, and analyze the opponent websites, put hose key words into your website. Create page title, heading, internal links that contain those key phrases.

Choose specific keywords, that are less competitive than the more general single word searches, and will more focused on the market. You may have to make a hard link building and content writing to get into the top 10. This will drive you the specific traffic, that will generate a lot of sales.

The key of success in ranking in search engines is link building. Simply that means, if you have more and higher quality links than the competitions website, you will always be on the top! It’s important that to have links on other websites, that are relevant with yours, and they need to have a natural growth, in other case you will penalized or banned from search engines.

How will you convert your visitors to buyers?

Don’t just tell them what your offer or what you want to sell. Open their eyes, and give them some more information about your company, about your products or service, why should they choose you, offer them free stuffs and bonuses. You need to give a very good impression about you! Offer them online support via phone, email or live chat, to get in touch with you easy.

The home page is the most visited by your potential customers, so on this page you will list all the basic and most important things about your business. Don’t forget to list the guarantees button, that is a good point for you! Visitors have to understand why you are better, and why they should not deal with your competition.

In final, make sure that your structure of your website is search engine friendly, the web pages names are relevant with the keywords that you have listed on those pages. It’s more easy to be identified by search engines, if you use SEF urls, and you will get a higher ranking as well.

Now you know everything about, how to build a successful business website, well you will need a reliable web hosting service for it.

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