What is an autoblog and how can I build one? The concept of creating an autoblog by using different software is to grab RSS feeds from different websites and publish them on your blog automatically. The most used application for creating autoblogs is WordPress and Joomla. Because WordPress is a blog platform, it’s more recommended for autoblogging than Joomla.

Create a wordpress autoblog website

To create an auto blog, based on WordPress, you will need some plugins. The most used are WP-Robot and AutoBlogged. These pluings are commercial but they work and convert great. WP-Robot can grab content from other websites according to specific keywords. So you can build a niche website which is updated very often, and don’t need any interaction after the plugin is activated and configured well. This plugin can also insert pictures, videos, yahoo answers, etc… in blog posts.

The problem of autoblogging is the duplicate content, which is a big fall in the eyes of search engines. Google hates duplicate content, and if they find that your website is an autoblog, with duplicate content, it may get a penalization or totally ban from SERP. The solution for this is, to bring traffic in other way to your website: advertising on other websites. Remember, that without traffic, your autoblog will not convert!

Please also note, that some text you will grab from other websites, are copyright, and you will never have full rights to use it. Maybe they will contact you to remove some post from your blog, because you are breaking the copyright rules.

Whatever you are planning to make a wordpress autoblog or a simple blog which is updated manually, please note, that you can’t transform a website into success if you don’t have a reliable hosting service. We recommend using a reliable wordpress hosting, to be sure, that your websites get the maximum uptime and best support.

Remember, that an autoblog require high server resources, so you will need a wordpress optimized hosting service.

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