Though the concept of SEO can be explained in several technical ways, it mainly involves the optimization of one’s site to make it search-engine-friendly. Virtually, all web traffic is dependent on the search engines and they can be substantial in enhancing the visitors on your website. Webmasters in all parts of the world are seeking strategies and techniques of increasing the visibility of their websites since visitors come to a site with an interest in mind. There are several components of SEO though the following three elements are the most necessary.

Phrases and Keywords

Out of all the SEO techniques, the most fundamental and effective is making use of key phrases and key words. Keywords are the terms that are usually entered in the search engines by the users. The search engine spiders or robots are trained to explore the web and search and find the information that contains these keywords. On finding these terms, the spider indexes the web page corresponding to them and then a search engine list is made. Key phrases are similar to keywords except that contain more words linked together. They could be presented as questions or in the form of a format that is commonly linked with a specific niche. Both of these can be the deciding factor in your SEO campaign success, if used properly.

Page Titles

The top left corner of a browser contains a text that details the site which is being used and perhaps gives even a short description of it. This is nothing but the web page title which is really essential but sadly overlooked frequently. There are some web masters who not recognize the significance of the title of the page. However, it is one of the most basic elements that a search engine robot or spider detects when it lands on the site. Due to this, it is important that you use titles that are keyword-rich for your websites. When using the keywords in web page titles, you need to ensure that they are kept to the least possible and relative. The spiders are devised in such a way that they avoid sites that contain pages that are stuffed with keywords. Hence, you need to be careful about overusing them.

Keyword Density

Since the search engines look down on keyword stuffing, you should be careful about going overboard. When it comes to rankings, it is in fact more damaging to overuse keywords than to using none of them at all. In order to ensure this does not happen, keyword density is used. This is a term referring to the number of times a keyword is used to the total number of words that are there on a web page. It is suggested by experts that on a 500-word page, a keyword density greater than 5% is keyword stuffing. On the other hand, a keyword density less than that has reduced impact. This is why it is essential that you determine the keyword density that is appropriate for a particular number of words.

There are many steps that can be taken in order to get famous on the search engines. However, it is almost impossible to earn a high ranking as the number of top-spots is limited. However, the good fact is that these rankings keep changing often so if your keep trying that you might find your web page on Google’s front page some time.

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