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Updated on: March 29, 2019
Company: InMotion
Price from: $4.19 / month

InMotion Hosting, Inc. was started back in 2001 and has gained a reputation as one of the most professional hosting companies around. They are a CNET Certified hosting company for 8 years straight and running, and they have been authorized by BBBOnLine as an Accredited Business. Whether it’s for personal or business use, the award winning cPanel interface makes setting up a web site simple for all users. With their 24/7/365 US based support, customer service is a primary focus.

InMotion Reliability

InMotion is able to provide 99.9% uptime for their servers. With InMotion you will not only get this amazing uptime, but depending on the hosting account you purchase the maximum speed zone will be also enabled, which means faster loading websites and better performance. Servers are monitored 24/7 and backups are processed on a daily or weekly basis.

InMotion Value

InMotion offers a wide range of hosting packages. They provide solutions for individuals who need a small website or a blog, business class hosting for small business owners, virtual and dedicated servers for corporate websites. Customers can start and grow their business with InMotion hosting. Other hosting companies may offer only shared hosting, which may force you to switch web hosting when your site grows over time. Comparing the price to their competitors, you will realize that InMotion has higher pricing, but we think it worth the extra money.

InMotion Support

Rather doing crazy marketing and offering ‘unlimited’ hosting and tons of free extras, InMotion focuses on providing a top quality customer and tech support. Their support team is always available for help and they can fix any major issues in minutes. Customers are able to ask for help 24/7 by phone, calling their toll-free phone number, via live chat, emails or community forum. Are you a ‘do it your self’ person? Their knowledge base is right for you; here you can find out how to get started with your hosting account, learn from video tutorials and improve your webmaster skills.

InMotion Control Panel

InMotion servers are powered by cPanel, allowing to their users to manage websites, databases, email addresses, files and scripts with ease. Fantastico, a cPanel addon will help you to install your favorite blogging (WordPress, b2Evolution), content management (Joomla, Drupal) or shopping cart software (osCommerce, Zen Cart) in minutes; this process does not require any technical knowledge or programming skills.

InMotion Hosting Guarantees

InMotion guarantees 100% customer satisfaction, which means you will get reliable hosting, competent support and professional service, or get your money back within 90 days.

InMotion Hosting Awards

InMotion hosting has become a certified business very fast due to their professionalism and customer care vision. InMotion got A+ from BBBOnLine and 3 out of 3 stars from CNET, which is an excellent rating. We know that many business owners trust InMotion Hosting, and they know that their websites are in right hands.

InMotion Pros

Choose from a wide range of hosting plans, reliable and fast servers, top notch support and guarantees are the few of the many advantages of InMotion hosting. Their Business Class Hosting is unique on the market, offering different packages for different hosting needs and budgets. Each account will be supplied with “unlimited” disk space and monthly data transfer, max speed zone will be enabled. Accounts all full featured and very flexible; you can easily make an upgrade of your account when it’s necessary, sure you will get help with this from the support team.

InMotion Cons

If you make a comparison between InMotion and other hosting providers, the very first things you will realize are the differences between prices. InMotion offers their hosting packages at a higher price than the competition does. This could be a disadvantage of the company. Another disadvantage is the limited numbers of addon domains allowed on each hosting account.

Is InMotion Good for Business?

Are you taking your business seriously? Do you want a professional website backed with a quality web hosting and professional support? With InMotion you can have the highest performance and after sales support at the same time, because they really care about their customers and they do take their job seriously. We highly recommend InMotion Hosting, Inc for business sites, and not only.

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jimmy on Jun 01, 2012
Inmotion keeps my sites running and the service is top notch. The ammount if times I've contacted support for help is crazy and virtually every time they leave me better off. There are some things they cannot and that is not a server problem. But if they can fix it they will. I always go to them first for an opinion on what to do and the advice is brief but always correct. Either, yes we can do that, or you will need to contact the coders of that site etc.
forget the mass web providers like godaddy etc. pay an extra couple of bucks and get real (cheap) instant service. You will not regret it.

Paul Harris on May 18, 2012
I just started with InMotion and definitely not a website design expert. However, the tech support staff for InMotion are always there, quick to answer and thorough with explanations and help. They always have a positive attitude unlike so many companies today who act like you are a bother. Thanks InMotion!

Dave on May 18, 2012
I just switched to inmotion hosting a couple weeks ago and I'm very impressed. The support service has been fantastic, whether calls or chat. I've used the chat feature a few times and someone is there to answer my question within a few seconds. Thanks for the great service!!

khalid on May 15, 2012
Very helpful and kind staff. It was a breeze, fast response, fast billing resolution and supportive staff. It was a breeze ...definitely makes a lot of difference. I would for sure recommend this. I have been with this hosting for 4 years now.

Roger Flynn on May 14, 2012
For anyone shopping for a reliable web hosting service, please ensure that there is a strong support organization behind the company. One that provides friendly customer service complemented with strong technical competence. Inmotion Hosting definitely fits that bill. Although I have experienced very few problems with my site in my 5+ years with them, their customer service techs have always been patient and highly professional in resolving my issues(most of which were really MY issues and not theirs). And their technical service is available 24x7. I highly recommend them.

Tony on May 14, 2012
We have been using InMotion for a few months (VPS-1000 plan) and have made several unusual requests of their tech support team and all have been fulfilled for free. They are always available by live chat and only twice out of ten or so times have they told me I need to email the request because it would need to be performed by someone with more specialization. (Something I don't mind at all since I'd rather our server be managed by someone with know how) Even when I had to email, the requested changes were made within a few hours.

I have seen a couple hosting companies with more options for pre-packaged add-on software I liked but InMotion does have the basics; wordpress, a wiki, etc.

I would recommend them as a hosting company to use.

Eleanor Hudson on Mar 13, 2012
I needed some help re: pictures on my website. I called and got great service with a very patient and understanding person!

I had a payment issue. I called - problem resolved in 5 minutes by a professional, courteous and pleasant person.

Happy days!

Dianne Szetela on Mar 13, 2012
I have been working with you guys for years now. From the first time I called, with the Sales person being extremely knowledgeable with a great personality to the online chat support techs with their awesome customer service and helping resolve the few problems that arise, to the e-mail and live phone support, you just can't beat this service! Thank you all for your great work and dedication!

Ahmed on Mar 12, 2012
Recently your site reset my password for no reason. I know this because I logged in with my old password numerous times and kept a record of it. I contacted support, alarmed at what was going on. They were no help, they simply wanted to reset the password without investigating the cause of the issue.

They did this and the next day the password was reset again! Clearly there was a problem, but when I contacted support and told them this, they simply wanted to reset the password again and refused to look into things.

I then noticed a missing folder which again they did nothing about, even though it was added well before your last backup and which never made it onto your backup.

Clearly, something was wrong at your site, but no one tried to look into it. Instead I got the standard "everything works" line which was useless and made me question their honesty and/or competence.

I was very disappointed by this experience. I think it's essential to research the cause of problems rather than simply duct-taping over them.

Yavor Milchev on Mar 12, 2012
I've been slowly moving away from several other hosting accounts and I have to say everything works much easier with Inmotionhosting than other VPS services. The biggest benefit for me is the amazing speed of their servers.

Pam Brewer on Mar 12, 2012
I am a beginner with this model of hosting and authoring (using WordPress softeware). I subscribed to InMotion because of their reputation for customer support and reliability. I have not been disappointed!

Chris S on Mar 12, 2012
Most reviews here are from single-account consumers, so I thought I would chime in too. I’m a web developer and I’m always on a hunt for a reliable and reasonably priced host that’s not only reliable when things are fine, but can come through when things go wrong. I have tested InMotion in many hairy situations and honestly had never been less than pleased. It reassuring that when I call the customer support, they actually know what I’m talking about, and my complicated technical problems are not ever over than their pay grade.

I have been hosting my personal accounts and my clients’ sites for over two years now at InMotion and I’m happy with their services. I couldn't ask for a more hospitable host.

A.J. Robinson on Mar 12, 2012
I recently had a problem with my Drupal-based site that mysteriously took my home page offline. The technical assistance team was able to diagnose the problem in minutes of my call, offer me a solution, and within 15 minutes I was back online. And, by the way, this was all after normal business hours!

Madeline Pickering on Mar 12, 2012
When I signed up, I was not a very knowledgeable user. However, inMotion has helped me every step of the way. Their customer service is efficient and personal. Definitely would recommend.

laverne cutrone on Mar 12, 2012
I have been using inmotionhosting for several years. All my clients use inmotion for their hosting services. The customer support team is outstanding...and you don't need an interpreter!!!

Aaron Hurwitz on Mar 12, 2012
The web sites hosted for me by InMotion Hosting are oriented toward family history; my web development skills are novice, at best. Since my recent switch to InMotion Hosting my calls to tech support have been somewhat frequent. Each experience has been superior. The tech support staff has been patient with my very basic questions and has answered each of them in a manner which I could easily understand. I appreciate their skill and knowledge.

laverne cutrone on Mar 11, 2012
Have been with inmotionhosing several years. I have all my clients using their hosting services. Their customer support is outstanding, and you don't need an interpreter!!!

Brian Wall on Mar 11, 2012
I have been with Inmotionhosting for several years now and found them reasonable as well as respectful. They have corrected issues to my site before I have even known it was down. Recently they assisted me with fixing a glitch with my site. Saved me with hours of work otherwise. I believe this is the best hosting service in North America hands down. Keep up the great work!

Gladys Faith Klassen on Mar 11, 2012
I had questions regarding a change in settings on my administrative information for my website.
The 'live chat' support was excellent! I got my changes done immediately.
Thank you.

Jerry van de Beek on Mar 11, 2012
inmotionhosting is a great and reliable provider with great service and quick support. We run a very competitive design studio and you need to be able to rely on your service provider. I highly recommend inmotionhosting .

Mike on Mar 11, 2012
This is the first time i have had to use support in 3 years and they were able to give me the answers i needed right away.
Excellent job! I would highly recommend.

Joan Zierler on Mar 10, 2012
This site was ok for a year bu now assuming 1 is low it is time to get off it - our emails are bouncing back - both the ones we send and the ones people send us. I have called 3 times and nothing has changed except it seems to get worse, they blame other servers, suggesting we have the wronmg addresses nbit they are the same addresses we have been using for years, it is all within this site, in fact our emails are bouncing back to their senders - we don't revceive them and when we do they come in hours after they were sent - I sent an email to inmotion and no one responded.

As soon as I have the time I will change hosting sites - HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE - this site is coming close to destroying my business!!

Never Never Never would recommend inmotionhosting ever ever ever.

Oscar on Mar 10, 2012
I could be their biggest fan; the service is just stunning and with several tweaks to my VPS server I was always helped in a matter of minutes. I have some experience with other hosters which never ended well, glad to finally have landed at InMotion. The price is a bit higher, but you'll soon understand this is more than worth the service you're getting here!

Glenda Ebersole on Mar 10, 2012
I have been with InMotion Hosting for more than 5 years (using the VPS service). Their support is outstanding. No other service I have used in 20 years compares.

Recently, however, I have been experiencing some inconvenient, unexplainable unreliability with email receipt on various domains. I hope to see Reliability back to 5 soon.

Ray on Mar 09, 2012
I will not recommend InMotion Hosting for any one serious about their business. This is our third year with them, they host for us five websites and although at the beginning we were happy with their hosting, their services has been getting worse and worse every month, for the last six month our sites has been down several times, the latest time they were down for almost 14 hours, not good for business, is it?. The loading speed also has been getting worse, so we think they are over selling and provably sharing each server with thousand of websites. So you are paying extra money for a business hosting expecting better service than the average and what you get with InMotion is a cheap and poor sharing hosting service. Certainly we are looking for a more reliable company.

Tiffany Reichard on Sep 26, 2011
Every experience I have with your services is easy, fast, and the customer service is the best I have ever experienced with any company. I appreciate everyone's hard work to keep everything running so smooth.

Wonok Kim on Sep 26, 2011
Although I wish this hacking didn't happen, you guys are still awesome. Quick response and correction with kind supportive staff, considering the volume you had to deal with.

Cherise Hoak on Sep 26, 2011
InMotion Hosting has proven themselves to be an excellent company, over and over again. Recently they had a hacker attack but within hours they had everyone back up and running. I was very impressed with how smooth and quick their response was.

Thank you again!

Janet Choi on Sep 26, 2011
This is the only hosting company I've used but I find little reason to switch anytime soon. Their customer service is excellent! Very quick responses and extremely helpful!

K.W. Wong on Sep 26, 2011
I used their "Live Chat" serivce and it was fast and very helpful. The person online clearly has all the information and can provide immediate solutions to my question.

Susan Phillips on Sep 26, 2011
I have been with inmotionhosting for 3 years and am happy as pie. The service is reliable, and the tech support people are extremely helpful and considerate. I am far happier than I was with my previous hosting company. Highly recommend!

Machiko Threlkeld on Sep 26, 2011
They are great especially in times when you need some living person's help. They are there, literally 24x7 you can chat. Their response is prompt and they give you a solution right away.

Graham Wickham on Sep 25, 2011
The website builder takes a little getting used to and some features are cranky at times but certainly no harder than godaddy.

Support ranges from semi-knowledgeable to quite good and sometimes impatience rears its ugly head, but they really try to help you solve your latest dilemma.

Overall - very usable by the novice and the price is great for what you get. Nice templates

Cynthia Ramsay on Sep 25, 2011
I love it when I call and ask a question and our customer service treats me with patience and respect. It's impossible as the business owner to know how everything works, and we shouldn't have to. You all know your stuff and it makes for a great user experience. Thanks!

Chris Radloff on Sep 25, 2011
I've been using InMotion for almost a year now to host around 50 sites and have had NO problems with my VPS. They've consistently been prompt, courteous, and unfailingly polite when I have questions. I can't recommend them high enough!

Jim Brent on Sep 25, 2011
Very helpful and open for a difficult situation... I had to move a sub domain for my account elsewhere... No on e like to lose business but they were very helpful... That is why I am keeping my primary domain and hosting still here at InMotion...

Vincent Donlan on Sep 25, 2011
My website has been in the "design" mode for some time and I'm ready to publish. I called to get the name of my server because I had lost my original paperwork and ask some general questions and the woman I spoke to was very nice and she helped answer my questions.

Andor Gyulai on Sep 25, 2011
So I have tried to contact you every which way and sideways on Sunday, between 7 am - 8:30 am and no response. Your site says you are open between 10-9 on sundays eastern time and I am calling from LA.

My server has been hacked all my sites and client sites are down and your phone rings and it is busy!

I pay over $500/ month this is not good business!


At this rate why do you not have a phone system that rings through or a message machine?

Aryanne on Sep 25, 2011
I just got started with them last week, but they took what was a very daunting task -- switching over from a different web host -- and made it super easy! They provide step by step instructions with videos and pictures and incredible detail. I did have to call them a couple of times, but they were extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. When I call my old host, I get transferred to Indian support where they can't even answer a basic question like how to log into my e-mail from a different server. Here, they gave me all the information I needed and it's clear they really know what they're doing. A very nice change of pace!

FreedomMaid on Sep 24, 2011
The technician was very quick to respond to the email i received about my domain being expired as a SPAM email. I appreciate you taking care of my business hosting and email domain. Thank you!!!

Mary Ann Latsaras on Sep 24, 2011
This is my second account and I've recommended InMotion Hosting to several other people. I've never had a problem getting prompt and reliable service and the price is right.

Olivia Maynard on Sep 24, 2011
Customer Service is stellar. We just moved our domains to InMotion and the transfer process went smoothly. When we had a few questions we were excellent supported by people here even in the middle of the night! InMotion was recommended to us by a friend; we are glad we switched!

Raphael on Sep 24, 2011
Unfortunately, I only stayed with inmotion briefly due to the fact that no shell access is provided.

However, the support I received was immediate and friendly. I would certainly recommend inmotion.

Gary Patrick on Sep 23, 2011
I recommend this company to anyone who is looking for hosting. These guys will take care of you like you're family. In the several years I've been working with them I've nothing but pleasant and helpful interactions (in the few times I had to contact them). If the scale went to 10, InMotion would get a 15!

Leah on Sep 23, 2011
Not very computer friendly. Had difficulty logging in. Links in email sent me didn't work or sent me to change password page instead of login page and person helping couldn't tell me how to find the login page. Everyone is friendly and nice though. It is hard to find my way around. I would suggest on accounting page to use the accounting as the link rather than details. I couldn't figure out where to go. kept wanting to click the greyed accounting but it wasn't linked.

Dale Moulton on Sep 23, 2011
Support for php is lacking. Support failed to resolve the problem of "why php emails are not being sent". I wanted you to try to send and email from the same server using php, but they would not do that. They wanted to see my application, but they don't want to support php code. I understand the reluctance to support php code, but this is an individual function that isn't working. Instead of focusing on my particular application, just make sure php is capable of sending emails using either sendmail, mail or phpmailer and report the findings/examples to me.

In short, I'm very disappointed in your lack of ability to properly support php.

317 501-3711

Tom Oram on Sep 23, 2011
I have NEVER been disappointed with the support I get from Inmotion Hosting. The most recent problem I had with FTP was solved quickly and professionally.

I wish all companies had the same commitment to support that Inmotion Hosting has - the technical world would be a better place if so.

Cyndy Snyder on Sep 23, 2011
I am given the responsibility of the website for my company, but I am not really a "tech" person. I always get the help I need here to answer my questions.

Robert McKinley on Sep 23, 2011
You have not responded to an urgent request to close my website. It has been 4 days since my original request.

Eric Thornton on Sep 23, 2011
I have been with InMotion Hosting for many years now and host more than a dozen sites here.

These guys are the best ('guys' meant to be gender-neutral in this context).

Whenever I need to call Tech Support, I get a real, live person on the phone within a minute or so. And; that real, live person is always completely experienced and actually answers the question I ask without wasting my time asking all those 'scripted' diagnosis sessions so common when one calls Tech Support.

Add to that; all the ADMIN tools that come with even a basic hosting package and a MySQL environment and I can't imagine any other provider giving all that at the same price InMotion charges.

Again - You guys are the best. Since it's Friday as I write this, and you have so exceeded my expectations, go tell your bosses that I said it was OK for everybody to leave work early today.



E. RUSSELL on Sep 23, 2011
Very good company. They are straight forward and always help me with any issues. I have used several others and I can easily say that InMotion is the best I have found.

Steven Franks on Sep 23, 2011
This is my second hosting company, and the only I will ever use for eternity! The technical support teas always has an immediate answer and fix for whatever issue I have, and I never wait more than 2 minutes to get a hold of someone. With a busy schedule that can be a lifesaver. Great service and knowlefgable staff all the way around, I can't say enough great things. Keep up the great work guys!

Steve Weaver on Sep 23, 2011
My problem can be blamed on me being noob-ish about hosting my own site AND not writing things down. Jacob was patient and walked me through what I needed to do to get things moving. AWESOME!

Carolyn Shelburne on Sep 23, 2011
Exceedingly rapid response and accurate answers to my questions, plus immediate attention to things that only the support team could take care of. I recommend Inmotion highly--I'm very glad I switched to their hosting service!

B Z on Sep 23, 2011
There isn’t enough space on the server for a business to run. They took down my business's website and email for 3 hrs WITHOUT WARNING OR NOTICE because there were "too many emails in my inbox". Most other servers at least let you know when you need to create more space...ect and the fact that my website was down because of email space is insane. Then once they "fixed" that issue they said that the server i was on was having issues, so I still couldn’t get into my email until they moved me to a new server. again if I hadn’t called them because my site was down I would have never known since they again gave no notice. Bad communication, not so happy. But the person who helped me in tech support was helpful and polite, if that is any consolation..

Marc Fuller on Sep 22, 2011
Was happy with provider until recent email problem. Email was unavailable for about 24 hours. This sort of problem is unacceptable. Thinking about changing providers.

The support person I spoke to on the phone was polite and patient. He tried his best, but the problem was above his pay grade.

Bruce Kaltman on Sep 22, 2011
I want to update my web site.
Agnes helped me and was GREAT!
She explained what I should do.
When I had the data ready, She took care of it quickly.
Everything works perfect.
Thank you.
Sincerely, Bruce

Lloyd Brown on Sep 22, 2011
Just awesome support, they never make me feel as inexperienced as I really am. Typically a 1 second wait for online chat - unbelievably great support keeps me a very happy customer.

Ben Bolduc on Sep 22, 2011
I've used 4 other hosting providers before and none have come close to the level of service that InMotion provides.
The features provided are comparable to some other hosting companies, but the customer service is where InMotion really shines. You get quick, friendly, competent service with no language barrier. I couldn't be more impressed!

Jason Brodie on Sep 22, 2011
InMotionHosting has hosted my website for the past 5 years and I couldn't ask for better customer service. It is top-notch! Any issues (extremely rare occurance)which may arise are dealt with quickly and professionally. I highly recommend InMotionHosting to anyone who is looking for a WebHost.

Faz on Sep 22, 2011
Excellent, excellent support! Every time I need support, I can count on them getting back to me in a FEW MINUTES! Unbelievable! Keep up the great work!

Gary Patrick on Sep 22, 2011
From reliability to price to customer service, there is nothing with this company that I can find wrong. These guys have got it together when so many others out there are doing it wrong. Thanks!

Jose F Sevilla on Sep 21, 2011
These guys have a 99.9% up time and their customer support team always go above and beyond the call of duty to help you out. I would recomend them to any person who needs any type of Web hosting.

Sam Cho on Sep 21, 2011
Used to be with MediaTemple which looked great but lacked much in the way of support when my Wordpress got hacked.

Now with inmotion and they've been much better. Performance and response times seem consistently more better. And when my blog got hacked by the timthumb exploit they sort out my site quickly and efficiently.

Kudos to these guys.

Thomas Bucci on Sep 21, 2011
To begin with, the fact that InMotion has 24/7 phone support coupled with having Tech's that do not require an interpreter to understand is very valuable to me and one of the reasons I subscribed with InMotion in the first place.

My overall experience has been positive. I have encountered only one Tech that I believed was not very knowledgeable. The Support Tech's range widely in their level of knowledge and experience. I have had the experience where one Tech will contradict what another has told me.

I lived through the introduction of the Account Management Panel. It was a rough road. Pleacement of some menu choices still makes no sense to me. I believe that system is working better now.

If asked, I would recommend InMotion to other website owners.

R Riker on Sep 21, 2011
I had a generally good experience until recently. They ran a report of long-running queries and decided one of our PHP pages was excessive (our page runs a "sleep query" that just holds the connection open). They shut down all of our services without warning, redirecting web visitors to a "service suspended" page, shutting down email, and everything else. (Then they sent a suspension notice to the email they had just suspended.) They left it for us and our customers to discover, troubleshoot, and wait on hold for several minutes just to find out what had happened and why.

How can anyone trust their brand image to a company willing to capriciously redirect all of their customers to a suspension page. If they had chosen 2 weeks later to shutdown our services, during a critical trade show, we could've been sunk!

Vince on Sep 21, 2011
Great support and services. Technical knowledge of supported software in house and 3rd party was very satisfactory.

Thomas Moriarty on Sep 21, 2011
I asked for some information on your support packages and the information was complete and most helpful

Tom Cullinan on Sep 21, 2011
I spent an hour and a half trying to work through my account settings and had to contact to straighten out the problems. When at last it came time to publish new information on my website, your authorization failed. A subsequent call to customer service resulted in a dropped call, no call back, and still my work isn't finished.

Eric S on Sep 21, 2011
For over thirty years, I’ve worked in the public and private sectors of many large and small corporate and non-corporate firms. One group witch must up hold an organizations reputation and give it’s level best is the customer service and technical support groups. It pleases me to find a company as InMotion Hosting that has satisfied me not only in the good service but also in great response time. Their patience and timely response showed me that good help and support is still available, especially here in our great United States of America!!! I am so very pleased to be a welcoming testimony and will continue to use them as one of my primary reliable sources for present and future prospect. Keep up the great work people and thanks for being professional at what you do!

Eric S
Systems Technical Specialist.

Jessica on Sep 21, 2011
If you use an iPhone or other IMAP enabled software, you will be extremely disappointed, ESPECIALLY if you run a business from your site. They will shut off your website with a very unprofessional script that states "suspended page" making your business look shady. They will claim that the IMAP is bogging down the server (they really need to upgrade their shared hosting servers because a business utilizes IMAP over POP much more) because it's loading all the messages each time. So without warning and giving you a chance to correct the issue by archiving your messages into another folder, they will just shut down your whole site with a "suspended page" message and then later they will send you an email to your alternate email with the notice instead of giving you a chance first in order to prevent your business site from going down with such an embarrassing message. The instant my service is coming up to a renewal, I'm switching services. I don't appreciate being shut down with a "suspended page" message rather than notifying me first and giving me a few hours to correct the issue if that's the case. They really need to look at this from a customer's perspective that runs a business and the embarrassment it causes that customer of their's. They also need to update their shared hosting servers to help accommodate the growing need for IMAP email.

Scott on Sep 20, 2011
I've been with InMotionHosting for 4 or 5 years now, and they have been excellent in every way.

Very comforting after trying at least 4 other providers, all with numerous problems.

They provide for two of my businesses now.

Jan Pelchat on Sep 20, 2011
There is NO OTHER company with the responsiveness In Motion provides.

Prices, features, customer service - all beyond compare.

Chris Kershaw on Sep 20, 2011
I've been using Inmotion for over a year, and through that time I have gone on a learning curve, developing and supporting my first website on my own (as a non-technical person). Needless to say, there have been dozens of calls to the support team (not for problems but for advice and support) and every single time I am impressed with the friendliness and knowledge of the staff. I always leave a phone call feeling great and with my problem resolved. Really really impressed with how focused they are on customer satisfaction.

Never experienced any downtime or outage or technical problems.

Very highly recommend!

Josh on Sep 20, 2011
I did a lot of research before selecting InMotion and they had the best reviews across the board. After signing up with them I can see why. Very friendly, helpful, and polite. I've been with several other hosts in the past, and this one definitely exceeded my expectations. I don't normally write reviews, but these guys earned one from me!

Nancy on Sep 20, 2011
I am so impressed! The customer support team with inmotion is amazing. I have had to contact them three times with questions while setting up our website and email. Using chat, I was able to talk to someone immediately. Each person was very knowledgable and helped me resolve my issues quickly.


Gregg Hunemiller on Sep 20, 2011
The first tech said I could not upload large documents using Internet Explorer and FTP. The Internet community said I could. I second chat session was very helpful and I was able to get it working.

h. Anttila on Sep 19, 2011
I am very happy - semi lower end user.
Support has been extremely helpful and useful.

I have not encountered a single reliability issue in over 10 months so far.

Pricing is in the lower end and I feel its a great deal for the quality of service.

Danny Pezzotta on Sep 19, 2011
We have had an issue with our DNS for about 2 years. Thinking I had always fixed it on my own, I never bothered to call InMotion's tech support. Well, it got bad yesterday so I finally called. Within minutes, they were able to see that my custom nameservers were not pointing in the right place for a domain we don't even use (which happens to be the host account), and voila - the problem has been solved once and for all. You have no idea what a relief this is, and to think I could have called years ago. Thanks guys! Great service.

Rob G on Sep 19, 2011
Setting up e-mail services through a third party late on a Saturday night, I was able to contact someone very easily. They were very knowledgeable and quick with accurate responses and information. Bravo!!

Yoram Schaffer on Sep 19, 2011
This is the fifth or sixth hosting company I have experience with and can finally assert that I got "home". Great experience in ALL aspects.

sandy chamberlain on Sep 19, 2011
impressed with demo and initial conversation and subscribed for small business site. disappointed in default site builder - very difficult to customize images, etc.

Spoke with Nathan in customer support -- great experience -- he offered suggestions, helped me load alternate builder which looks much more user friendly.


Nate Covington on Sep 19, 2011
InMotionHosting - been a customer for over 3 years and love their support. I've got over 60 sites hosted with them.

Bob Mantlo on Sep 19, 2011
Every part of my experience with InMotion Hosting has been first class. Fastest my web store has ever worked with a hosting company!
Top notch service too. Highly recommend!

Jackie Nagel on Sep 18, 2011
Frankly, I don't understand why anyone uses any other hosting company.

Tony Daniels on Sep 18, 2011
They designed and bulit my website and did a fantastic job at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend them to all, there 5 stars all around.

jhn design on Aug 04, 2011
The business class hosting is reliable and a cheap solution for up to 6 websites. The uptime is very good, and online support aware of incidents. For technical support, it's better to submit a ticket than live chat, but the answer is reliable.

Cheryl on Apr 24, 2011
Intuitive and easy navigation, wonderful cPanel, great customer service all at a good price. Best web hosting experience and worth the cost. Highly recommend.

Craig S. Maupin on Apr 19, 2011
A very negative experience with this company! InMotion is absolutely one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. They failed to do their job by NOT registering my domain name even after I completed the necessary steps on my end to transfer from my former hosting company. Because of InMotion’s incompetence, my domain name has gone into a “redemption period” AND a “pending delete status.” THIS MEANS THAT I AM LIABLE TO ACTUALLY LOOSE MY DOMAIN NAME! BUYERS BEWARE! THESE GUYS ARE NOTHING MORE THAN SLICK BUSINESS PEOPLE WITH ZERO CARE FOR THEIR CLIENTS! I highly recommend calling your perspective hosting provider and getting a feel for how they communicate to you before you make an investment with them.

John Guenard on Apr 01, 2011
Very impressed with assistance on the phone; InMotion Hosting has a real person with a personality. Refreshing.

Zeeshan Rasool on Mar 20, 2011
I'm glad I have my hosting with inmotion.

Johannes Brevis on Mar 16, 2011
They have been great to a "non-techie" like me!

Rado on Mar 14, 2011
Very responsive support. Thanx!

Karl on Mar 11, 2011
I have never had a delay in a reply or had less than a full answer from InMotion. For that reason I am happy to pay extra for hosting services.

It is interesting to note that a question I sent to sent on their own mail form (no online chat) was bounced back by their own servers stating No route to host. Service is worth paying for.

Muke on Mar 11, 2011
I am just transferring from Go Daddy to inmotion and the difference is already apparent between the two in just the customer support.

With inmotion you get a live person (chat0 in secs; while, with Go Daddy you can be on hold for 20 or 30 min.


Al Stasch on Mar 11, 2011
I have been a customer of several web site hosting services - from the very largest to what seems like the smallest. Inmotion is the ONLY web hosting service that undestands support the way it should be. We rely increasingly on uptime and are more and more effected by any downtime of web hosting features. Inmotion considers every issue to be critical. Coming from an era where phone service was considered a high priority service and ANY downtime was bad, it has taken this long for someone to use the same model for web hosting. That someone is Inmotion.

Ken Kirschner on Mar 11, 2011
Great customer support. Very friendly and eager to help.

derek wu on Mar 10, 2011
I recommend Inmotion to my friends. They are very good hosting company.

Dick Pruitt on Mar 10, 2011
Excellent staff from billing to support everyone is amazing!

John on Mar 10, 2011
Highly recommend! Very good on-line support. Great pricing and services. If my knowledge was better, they would probably get all 5s.

Bill Parsons on Mar 10, 2011
Excellent help, always there when you need them.

Nasir Rizvi on Mar 10, 2011
Excellent Services
Take Care For Your Customer


Phyllis Rush on Mar 10, 2011
I am completely happy with the site and the service provided by InMotion Hosting. Top notch all the way!!

David Ferenczi on Mar 10, 2011
It's not a cheap hosting, but it's the best one.

The service and the support is excellent.

Ed Oakley on Mar 09, 2011
I had an exceptional experience with InMotion Hosting yesterday, when I could not get into the site via ftp. Technically, they didn't have to help, because there was not a problem with the site itself.

They escalated the issue, however, and had it resolved within 10 minutes. Never once was there a suggestion that it "wasn't their issue!"

Much appreciated service.

Kevin H on Mar 09, 2011
I've never had one issue or concern with Inmotion Hosting. 100% reliability. Can't ask for much more.

Also, support has been extremely courteous and helpful in dealing with other issues (e.g. problems created on my end).

I cannot recommend Inmotion highly enough.

Elizabeth Gillings on Mar 09, 2011
Terrifically nice, helpful people!! I am so glad I signed up with your company.
Thanks, Elizabeth.

dave butterfield on Mar 09, 2011
The service has been very friendly and courteous.
So far everything is as advertised.
Way better then my last host.

Rik on Mar 09, 2011
Had to change my billing details; answer in short time; I could do the change very easily via email.

T mayers on Mar 09, 2011
No problems with server, problems with hackers. Inmotion very god host.

al ortiz on Mar 09, 2011
very friendly and helpful support

Toby Broyad on Mar 09, 2011
Excellent all round, highly recommended.

Recent support issue fixed in 1 quick online chat and followup phonecall.


Morad on Mar 09, 2011
My other web site is hosted by yahoo and I was not very happy with speed that my pages were loading plus tech support was not quick enough to address the issues and on the top it they are not cheap either! So I decided to search for another host and came across Inmotion. They have very nice packages with very reasonable pricing so I decided to give them a try, now I am very happy that I did:) my pages load much faster, their tech support is very responsive and eager to answer my questions.
Bottom line is that I am very happy with their service and hopefully it will remain that way.

Daniel Sumerlin on Mar 07, 2011
needed help resolving my email on the new site and was helped immediately.

Melinda Porter on Mar 07, 2011
The Live Chat version of customer service was really slow, so I told the agent I was going to disconnect and call in. Once I called in, the customer service was quick and friendly.

Aboozar on Mar 07, 2011
All thing is fantastic, I extremely recommended. be sure, visit my website !

Jeff Gable on Mar 07, 2011
Great host site so far. Very friendly for the non IT guy.

Star Bocsi on Mar 07, 2011
I've been with these guy since 2006. They are extremely reliable and on the rare occassion I need support their service ie excellent!

Bruno on Mar 07, 2011
Great communication, offers a LOT, and not for a lot of $$.. Been sending many here.. Do you offer a referral program ??

Dave W on Mar 07, 2011
My experience with InMotion has been excellent so far. They offer real value for the price, and their reliability and support can't be beat. I've worked with other hosts, and InMotion is much better to deal with. Support is always quick to answer and they are based in the US. And while their prices may be slightly higher than other hosts, you get consistently good value and a much better experience in return.

Frank Turner on Mar 07, 2011
Needed help with the application. Resolved within a minute. Thanks

Scott Genevish on Mar 07, 2011
I would love SSH access to my server. Other than that, the company is great. Great customer service, good set of tools for account management, and very reliable service.

Colin Anderson on Mar 07, 2011
Customer service is truly one of your biggest assets as a company. Each person I've talked to has been a lot of help and patient. Keep up the good work!

Charles KIENE on Mar 07, 2011
I chose InMotion after a doing lot of research and seeing consistently high reviews. From my experience thus far they are certainly worth the modest premium over the "budget" hosts. You always get what you pay for, and it would seem in this case I'm way ahead. I couldn't have asked for more knowledgeable or patient guidance through initial stages, and look forward to long relationship as I expand beyond initial six sites.