Updated on: March 29, 2019
Company: iPage
Price from: $1.99 / month

iPage hosting has been providing web hosting service since 1998. With such a huge experience and professional management has grown to a very big and reliable hosting company very fast. iPage focus on providing top quality hosting service for small and medium sized websites at low cost. iPage hosting is a good start for any newbie webmaster.

iPage Reliability

iPage is able to provide 99.9% uptime, which is guaranteed by the company. This is essential for any business websites, your clients may access your site anytime and if your site is down, this creates a really bad image about your company. Beside the very good server up-time, their dedicated support is ready to help you with any issues at anytime.

iPage Hosting Value

iPage Hosting has one of the best price on a basic shared hosting account. Their Essential Hosting package offers all the features that a small to medium sized business website needs: unlimited space and bandwidth, business email accounts and databases, plus more than $450 in free extras. They also offer several addons to the hosting package but only few of them may worth to purchase it. We recommend purchasing Automate Site Backup (this is a must have), a security addon if you host some sensitive information on your site (recommended for ecommerce) and eventually Directory Listing service.

iPage Support

 They are able to help you with any issues regarding your hosting account. The support team is professional; they are able to find solution for any major issues very fast. You can contact iPage day and night, calling them, sending email tickets or using their live chat. For technical questions we recommend using the phone line or emails.

iPage Control Panel

iPage use a very popular hosting control panel, vDeck. The main feature of this control panel is the usability and simplicity. It is well structured, users can easily manage their domains and websites, can create databases, email accounts and email forwarders, or install their favorite scripts.

iPage Guarantees

iPage offer a full refund of the hosting package within 30 days (not applied to addons) and anytime partial refund during your subscription period. They also guarantee 99.9% uptime for their servers and 24/7 available technical support.

iPage Green Hosting

Ipage servers now are powered by 100% wind produced energy. This means, that you will get the same quality service and support, using an eco friendly hosting. It protections of the environment is important to you, well hosting with iPage you can contribute to this.

iPage Pros

iPage hosting package is powered by Linux and comes with unlimited space and bandwidths, allow their users to create as many emails and databases they want, everything at $3.50 per month (discounted price). If you don’t have a domain, with iPage you can get one for free as well you will receive $450 in free extras such as marketing credits, Yellowpages listing, Ratepoint newsletter manager, etc. For those who want to build a simple website but don’t have programming skills, iPage has a very simple to use Site Builder tool, which is available for free. This tool allows you to create web pages, contact forms, choose from thousand of web designs and publish it with pressing a button.

The company has lots of good feedback, just take a look to this iPage review to find out about their uptime and performance.

iPage Cons

Unfortunately iPage does not have any possibility of upgrade. If your sites get very busy over time, you have to switch to a new web hosting provider which offer virtual or dedicated servers. Ipage nor provide windows hosting solution; ASP.net is not supported on their servers. They don’t support SSH access (for beginners it an unneeded hosting feature, but for experienced webmasters which prefer the command line this may be a miss). iPage still has few problems with database connections and website powered by Joomla, WordPress or Drupal may have not the best performance running on iPage.

iPage Coupon Code

iPage has a limited time hosting coupon which discounts the usually $6.95 per month price to $4.50 per month with a 12 months subscription plan. With a 24 months or more subscription you can purchase their Essential plan for only $4.25 per month. Remember, this is only a limited time discount, this may end tomorrow.

Is iPage Good Business?

If you have a small business and would like to make a website for it, but don’t have the technical skills and the time to learn programming, iPage is the best solution you can find. Their inexpensive hosting plan and feature full package offers you everything that a business website may need. Their servers are reliable and the technical support is also one of the best. We have been testing few website running on their servers and are still satisfied with the performance of each. We highly recommend using iPage for business!

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Jamie on Oct 19, 2017
Hello everyone!
Our team collected web hosting reviews from 16699 real customers, so we can provide you with unique data on total domains under iPage management and other statistics. You can find it here https://webhostinggeeks.com/providers/ipage. I thought this data could help to choose the best web hosting for business or hobby. Isn`t it great?:)

Paul Scott on May 25, 2012
iPage is my first experience of a web hosting service after being with MobileMe for many years. Having many websites, and after reading of many bad experiences of others with other web hosts, I signed up with some trepidation. It is early days, but I have been extremely pleased. My four chats gave quick, friendly and helpful solutions to my initial problems, Uploading is much quicker than MobileMe, and I find it very easy to manipulate my different sites. A big YES for iPage!

Melvin Stober on May 11, 2012
I have had my iPage account for about a month now and the only problem I have is with MySQL burping occasionally, I get occasional emails that something went wrong with one of the queries. iPage tech support has been just fantastic, answer all my questions immediately or wining a reasonable amount of time.

Mike on May 09, 2012
I found it through search engine and it seems to be good. I do not like how they advertised their discounted price though. I read $2 for the first six months but when I went to sign up, I found out that I had to pay an additional $32 that was supposed to be for the 12 months after the six months were up. On top of that, if you want identity protection and other important features on it, it's another couple of dollars to shell out. However, I'm still thinking to join. Comparing to my last website experience, ipage seems to be much better and I haven't even tried it yet.

Rolly Brown on Apr 19, 2012
To those who didn't like iPage's site builder, considering how much they promote that Drag-n-Drop builder, I have to agree. It only lets you create a 6 page site. That's fine if that's all you need. If you want more, you have to upgrade and the upgrade costs more than the hosting plan does.

My advise is to never use a host's sitebuilder because you may not be able to migrate to another host. I always recommend installing WordPress from within the iPage control panel. You can migrate a WordPress blog to any host that supports PHP and MySQL. Plus, you can do soooo much more with a WordPress blog than a simple site builder.

iPage uses the SimpleScripts script installer and you'll find not only WordPress, but all kinds of the web's top apps to install on your site.

Logan on Aug 18, 2011
Well the host seems like everything(almo st) you ever wanted.
A fast server with lots of feature but apparently \"Anytime Money-Back Guarantee\"
isn\'t a feature they fully support like they said.
I bought a simple hosting plan with a domain for 24 months, They didn\'t register the domain but still they charge me for it + SiteLock.
There is no way to disable SiteLock from the account, There vDeck isn\'t free and open like cPanel you can feel how limit and strict it is if you go from cPanel to vDeck.
Overall, iPage can be a nice hosting plan, if you don\'t plan to get a refund.
So if you want to take my advice than don\'t use them.

pk on Jul 21, 2011
oooh yeah.
for the first time i made the right choice at the first try.
i especially like their live-chat help. I have been able to be in control of the website within no time.
the guy was even able to help me generate a php script for connecting to the mysql. i was pleased. and all domains can hosted on 1 account!
BUT you have to pay extra fo subdomains which i am not understanding- because there is a feature working in a similar manner- but using subfolders!

beautybynajah on Mar 03, 2011
I know this is an complete 5 star rating but I honestly have nothing negative to say about iPage. They rock! I did a written review of them on my blog as well and I'm so happy to see that most people on here agree with me!

Mark on Jan 11, 2011
I've been very happy hosting with iPage. It was so easy to get my site built and live using their tools and control panel. They make things easy for a novice like me.

Kurt Almasi on Jan 07, 2011
I'm not a web designer or a developer, just a small business owner who did not wanted to spend to much for a website. I found iPage on other website and I was attracted by their free site builder.

I'm very pleased with the support and price and I think I saved few hundred of dollars making a website by myself, using this site builder tool.

I highly recommend ipage for non technical persons, it's easy to work with. Congratulation!

Jim on Dec 03, 2010
I joined Ipage and found that I didn't like their page builders. I was able to online chat with someone in billing and cancel. They said I will be receiving a full refund!

Jules on Oct 24, 2010
I have signed up to ipage because of the good features and price.
I'm using wordpress for my site, which does not load very fast with this hosting. I also have some simple HTML websites, which does not require database and it work very well. Maybe iPage is not the best choice for wordpress, but it has a valuable tech support and control panel.
I recommend this host for those who are running small business websites, but are not using database. Good luck!

F. Burch on Oct 13, 2010
Sometimes my site is down and it shows the server Error (totally 1-2 hr in month)but the main issue is about connection time to database which is quite high and it takes a long time to read the first bite. generally good hosting ...

Renata on Sep 17, 2010
I can't say that ipage is the best web hosting, but quite reliable to host few decent business websites.
We have a small business here in Texas and our 2 sites are running well with ipage. I'm not a tech person so I have to contact them every time when I need help with emails, files upload or anything else. The live chat support has always pointed me in the right direction.

Many thanks!

Anthony on Sep 07, 2010
This has been my first endeavor as far as starting a website, and my experience has been, to say the least, amazing.

I use the Weebly Drag and Drop Builder, and have had no problems whatsoever. I haven't had to use customer support at all (yet), and this is saying something because I have NO IDEA what I am doing as far as building and running a website.

Prices are amazing, add-ons are great, eccomerce feature costs only like $3 a month, you can use pay-pal or google chech out. Of course you can use others I'm sure, but for ease of use, these have been great.

I can't say enough good about my experience with Ipage so far.

You guys are amazing, and make building and running a website for a total novice unbelievably simple.

Thank you so much!

CCC on Sep 04, 2010
I switched to Ipage after some issue I was having with my other hosting company on 08/30/2010. Its now 09/04/2010 and I have just canceled my account.
When I transferred my website to them and uploaded all the files it was down for the first 2 days, then I started getting all kinds of back-end bugs in the WP dashboard. When I tried to get them to resolve the issue after my failed attempts they told me they don't provide customer service for WordPress. Now keep in mind my site was operating with no issues and or bugs before the transfer to Ipage. With that it was the straw that broke the camels back. If you have no website or a site that's not WordPress I tell you that you might be OK, again I say might. I don't know since my one and only site is a WordPress site. I will say that even though I had issues with my previous hosting company, at least there my site has 99% up time and no bugs in the background.

Joshua W. on Aug 23, 2010
iPage has helped me a lot with my small business website. I did not had to much knowledge on how to build a website, but with their site builder it was super easy. After I designed the website myself, I used their free advertising credits to promote my service online. With only one website have generated 150% more sales online, then offline.
Maybe iPage is not a good choice for big websites, but for my small business, ipage is the BEST!

atpcat on Jun 30, 2010
I have three websites running on ipage, until now they are running very well. Fast server, reasonable price, a lot of features and good help and support service.
The only problem I had with ipage was setting up my email, but finally it was resolved by customer support.
I would highly recommend ipage to personal as well as business websites.

Thomas on May 01, 2010
Some times the server goes down for 1-2 seconds and I got an internal server error. It may be a temporary bug, hope this will be solved soon. I need a budget hosting with great features; I think, that ipage was a good choice for me.

Dominik Herzog on Apr 09, 2010
Sorry for my english, but I m from Germany and I was using ipage one month.I can say it really SUCKS.
My website was all days 5-10 times down or slow. I don t remember one day that my website was running great. I will never use again ipage and I don t believe in all the comments here because it was really all days horrible!

Joseph B. on Apr 02, 2010
They have many wonderful assets. For my application, they were friendly CS, but long wait times. Their Control Panel is one of the easiest and most user friendly out there. It reads well, and is easily navigable. My big complaint, is that they are not a solid answer for CMS. Their data base is very slow. It took 30 sec. just to export my database!.

Mary on Mar 29, 2010
I love ipage support!
I had recently a problem with my joomla website: the component's zip file was too big and I could not install it to server. I used the live chat for support and I solved the problem in 2 minutes.
I think that it's the best to have a hosting provider, which provide live chat support.

William Pastor on Mar 12, 2010
I would highly recommend iPage, because I really like this company. I'm with ipage for about 1 year and I will stay for long :)
The support is great and the control panel is super easy. I don't know how they can provide such a great service for as low price. 5 stars for ipage! Keep up guys!