The many users of the internet have no idea on how important web hosting is for the internet. Without web hosting, you will not be able to view all the online sites you visit. Hosting is the base for any website, and without it, many people would not be able to make a living online. The internet is extremely vast, as it provides us with access to millions of files, in just a few clicks. FTP hosting is a type of hosting service, mostly used by businesses. FTP hosting allows you to send and share large files without having any sort of limitations.

FTP Web Hosting Service

Regardless of how large a file is, it can be easily send to someone through FTP hosting. Files can be of any type; they can be music files, video files, images, text, etc. Many businesses that deal with online media creation have a hard time sending files electronically, so they send it by mail. When a company sends documents through mail, there is a high costs involved. The cost to burn the content to multiple discs and the costs of shipping the package to another city or country will always be present. However, with a FTP hosting account, a business can costs and just upload the files to a secure network, and allow the recipient to download the file.

Email used to be the main communication between individuals, but now we have instant messaging and text messaging. Similarly, sending files electronically is now so much simpler. If you take email for example, there is a limit on the file size of the attachment you can send and receive. With limits as high as ten megabytes, you can’t even send a simple high-definition audio file. So, if you have FTP hosting, you will just have to create a directory and user account for your client. The client will just need to access the directory using a password, to download all the files. This method is both secure and reliable and the files will remain on the server until you delete them.

How can you access a server through FTP? You will need to use a FTP client to access the server. A FTP client is an application you can download for your PC or laptop. There are a number of FTP clients out there, but you can download FileZilla, the open source application. In order to login to the server, you will need the URL, username and password. With the three pieces of information, you can connect and have access to all the files the other party has uploaded. The cost to use a FTP hosting service is much less than what you spend to send files through the mail in compact form.

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