When you are running an online business, your company’s website is of great importance. It showcases your online reputation on the internet. The kind of appearance you have defines the kind of professionalism you have. As a matter of fact, every single website is operated with a help of web server, this would help in the complete functioning of the web page and also define the limitations as well. The time taken for a page to get loaded is related to the number of customers visiting your web page. If too much time is being taken then the performance of the web site would suffer and it tends to become more like a burden. The downtime needs to be checked up for and the web server takes care of such things. The web server you choose would actually make sure that such problems don’t take place. The reason why most people go with shared web hosting is because of the fact that the server is shared by many in spite of it not being too profitable.

Shared Hosting Plan

In a sharing hosting plan, not every bit of information is shared. Definitely a set of sensitive information is not shared with the other web sites. The server resources like data transfer, storage space, and bandwidth are shared with those who are under the same host as you. So, your websites IP address simultaneously gets shared with the other members as well and in turn it would affect your websites ranking amongst the search engines and also in terms of legal credibility. Considering the fact that you are going to share all such aspects with all the sites listed under the host, some unusual circumstances might appear such being de-indexed from the search engines or being temporarily stating your website on an offline mode.

The reason why so many people are going in with the shared hosting plan is to save up on money. But when you think clearly, by sharing your server and its resources with so many websites, it may not be feasible to go in for such a saving option. If you stick to the shared hosting plan, then the upgrading in the future might not seem feasible as there is no point in clinging onto something that might become obsolete soon. However the best way to save up on money, if that is your main criteria is to go by the best hosting plan that suits all your needs.

Especially if you are into personal blogging or into something that may not be of huge importance to you, then shared hosting could be a flexible plan. This would be because at the end of the day such a plan is fulfilling all your requirements. Individually if you are into something like blogging, it is a good option. But if you are into business, then as an owner the shared hosting might not be such a good call. If you wish to opt for a different server, or shift from shared hosting, then you can go in with VPS or the dedicated server. These two are becoming quite popular as they are offering enough flexibility, privacy and also security which otherwise is hard to find in shared hosting plans.

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