When you start your website online, you will usually begin with a small shared hosting plan. This is most cost efficient method to jump to start your website. If you have a lot of visitors, or if your website takes up a lot of resources, you will be better suited with a dedicated server. A dedicated server will give you a ton of space, bandwidth, security and features. However, it is more expensive than a regular hosting plan. If you stick around on a shared hosting plan with a large site, it may cause trouble for you and your hosting company. At a point, you may be asked to look for another host that can handle your websites load.

Dedicated Server for high traffic websites

Websites that bring in thousands of visitors a day require a ton of load capabilities. Servers will be able to handle strong loads because; your website will be the only site on that server. By hosting your website on a single server, you can use up all the resources provided for you. Unlike hosting plans, servers have a large amount space, bandwidth and features. When selecting a dedicated server solution, you have to make sure you go for a quality hosting company. Asking for recommendations or reading reviews will help you make a more informed decision. It will be in your best interest to choose a managed hosting solution. By opting for a managed solution, someone from the company will be handling all the server administration for you. If the server goes offline, the staff will get your server back online in no time.

If you are responsible for the server, you will need to fix server and hardware issues. If a specific hardware part fails on you, you will need to call into the store to order a new one. This process will take days. If you let the hosting company managed the server, they will have the parts at their location; so the hardware issue will be fixed ASAP. However, if you are able to hire an individual who is an IT professional, it will be in your best interest. Having an in-house IT professional will be great because, you will not have to outsource any of the work. Your IT department will be able to help you with other websites issues, and not just server networking. You will be able to accomplish more work if you have an in-house IT professional.

All ways remember that quality comes first in business. If you feel the hosting company is not providing you with a quality system, you should kindly decline the offer and move on. There are tons of companies worldwide that offer excellent server systems at amazing prices. Technical support and customer service is another aspect of the hosting industry which you should look into. If your host does not provide any type of support, that should leave you thinking. A host with no customer support is bad choice, because you do not want to be stranded when your server crashes.

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