Once upon a time, Windows had ta virtual monopoly on hosting and operating systems.  The rise of open source systems, such as Linux, challenged that position for a while, but in recent times, Windows seems to have taken back the initiative.  The competition has spurred them on to create a more user friendly system, with more capabilities than ever before.  In this article, we’ll look at all the reasons why Windows hosting looks set to regain the top spot.

Benefits of windows web hosting

1. Branding

There’s no doubt about it, Microsoft has the edge simply because of the sheer number of products it has out there.  If you’re looking for a hosting platform, chances are you’re going to need one that fits in with your existing Microsoft hardware or software.  Windows is always going to be a winner, for that reason alone.

2. Improved Operating Systems

The Windows 2003 and 2008 operating systems are much more powerful than their predecessors.  They have considerably improved end to end server management, and they’re much more secure than anything that’s gone before – a very important consideration for anybody affected by viruses, hacking and other cyber-threats.  Both of these systems are geared for upgrades, too, making them much more attractive as a long term investment.

3. Flexibility

Windows 2008 is much more accommodating than its predecessors.  It can be successfully used to run the more popular open source systems, such as MySQL, ASP and PHP.  The reverse may not be true, as open source often cannot cope with Windows.

4. Improved Cost Effectiveness

This is usually a deal breaker.  Why pay a premium when you can run exactly the same applications on an open source system for a fraction of the price?  Microsoft are aware of this, and, aided by the fact that they own all the proprietary licenses, they’ve been able to drive down costs.  Windows 2008 is now one of the more competitive and cost-effective products available in the marketplace.

5. ASP Hosting

This is a major feature of Windows hosting.  ASP, or active server pages, allow users to create dynamic, interactive web pages with very little effort, unlike other products which require more complex programming languages, such as PERL or CGI.

6. Improved Development Capabilities

Windows is also proving more and more popular with developers, since it’s basically easy and familiar to use.  This means you can concentrate on developing applications without having to get your head around a whole new set of technical skills.

In short, Windows have responded to the competition by producing an operating system that truly meets the needs of its consumers.

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