Hundreds of people are joining the world of eCommerce every day and comes up with several new ideas. This extremely high growing of domains registration and website creation is followed by the saturation of the web hosting industry. In the last few years, so many companies have been started providing web hosting service. To remain in the game, they have come out with several new offers. Nowadays is very easy to create a website with less cost. For only few bucks a month, anybody can have a website where to extend a business idea.

While the competition is very high, companies need to market somehow their service. Most of them are drops the prices or are adding some features and extend their hosting plans. Most of professional and huge web hosting companies offer the best plan, which includes unlimited services.

Unlimited Space, Bandwidth and Websites

Many hosting companies offer now unlimited services for only $3-$15 per month. This is a very attractive price for individuals and small business as well. Before you singing up, many people are asking, how can it be possible to get unlimited disk space and bandwidth? Where is the trick? It must be a trick while a server has limitations in data transfer and hardware technology.

All Inclusive Hosting

The unlimited hosting is a marketing method, like the all inclusive travel ticket. Let’s say you want to go on vacation and you will buy an all inclusive ticket, which includes a nice hotel room, a pool with clean water and food. You will use the room, the pool for free and eat as much you can. Somehow the unlimited shared hosting is the same. When you rent a part of the server and purchase a shared hosting package, you will be able to use a part the server resources. The company makes profits on those users, who do not use so much resource. Customers, who are buying a hosting plan for $5 per month, will never use so much bandwidth or disk space to exceed this $5 per month allocated to each plan.

Limited or Unlimited?

When you hear about unlimited hosting, you may think that this is not true, or there is somewhere a trick. There is no trick if you deal with a professional company, who has specified in their terms, what are the maximum allowed resources. You may choose a company who offer limited space and data transfer, but you will never exceed this, but you will pay more for it. It is your decision, but keep in mind to deal with a reliable company, which is recommended by users and editors.

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