Create a blog to express your feelings and opinions in front of millions of people. I think almost everyone from us already had a diary, so create a blog to have the possibility to express your opinions. Blogs are good to share your opinions whatever they are: positive or negative. Blogs are giving you the freedom that you need. Do you think you can find another way to express your opinions about whatever you want? Your blog can be even about your dog habits. You choose the subject of your blog.

What is and how to create a blog?

Blogs are very substantial for the Internet; they give you the possibility to share your ideas about life, about everything you want for people from around the world. I have no idea about what will write the people in blogs over 20 years. Blogs can include anything what you want: photos, videos, music and what are the most essential, words, phrases.

It is admirable how far away has advanced the technology, and we can’t imagine what will be later. A few years ago people thought that is not necessary to have a computer in their households, but now people opinions have changed a lot. Nowadays laptops are a good company for people wherever they go.

Creating a blog means to have fully freedom to write about anything what you want. Before having your own blog take a look on other blogs to see how they are. This will help you to notice about what topics are writing people in blogs and then you could create your own blog.

Blogs have another advantage, and this is that you don’t need to have high knowledge in other languages. A blog can be created in less than 5 minutes and you don’t have to spend money for this.Goggle has a very important part in this; contribute a lot to this to make it easier. Many blogs are running by Google, which had done everything to make the blog creation to be a very simple process. After approximately 10 clicks of a mouse you can have your own blog.

You would have thought that writing about your feelings in a blog could be a possibility to earn money? Companies are pleased to offer you a certain amount of money when you recommend their websites to their customers. We have to mention again that Google made this easier. By using ad Sense you advertise companies on your blogs and if someone visit the website of this company trough your blog , then you will get a commission from this company. The amount of money that you could earn with your blog it depends on the number of your visitors.

We think you could benefit a lot if you would create a blog, so make one! At the beginning you may have fear to express your feelings, but after a short time you will see how easy it is. Don’t give importance to grammar or spelling! People are impatient to read your stories!

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