Managing a server and checking on its administration could be a tedious job, therefore by using a managed web hosting, there is a sense of freedom and good amount of space given to the webmaster. The regular dedicated hosting plan as such has only a basic amount of knowledge about the server, specifically when you are in for the cheap plans that may not have enough support. Therefore, the dedicated plans are given up and replaced by the VPS hosting plans by the ones who do not have much of technical knowledge and also lack of patience to go with the flow. The managed hosting plan is a savior as this tends to save one from the hassle and solve all the related problems from the administration end. The question however remains, how to compare a VPS hosting to a managed web hosting?

Hosting Tech Support

Speaking of support, the managed web hosting and the VPS share the same criteria. But, the style is more personalized in a managed web hosting plan. The support that is required to maintain and run the dedicated server could turn out to be a huge task as compared to that needed for the administration of a VPS server. This means that one should be more cautious in using the update and also the check in the performance levels of the server.

Web Hosting Performance

Performance of a server is an essential element to be considered. The VPS server is a level below the dedicated server in terms of performance. This does not mean that it is not a good server; it is good enough for the online businesses but not as good as dedicated server. The reason for this is because the dedicated server is the ability to manage hundreds of websites and yet face no problems. The size of the websites does hold an important spot though. But in any case, the dedicated server is any day a better option compared to VPS in terms of performance.

Web Server Reliability

Reliability is very important, based on which one can take the step ahead in terms of choosing the apt server. Both the VPS and the dedicated server are known to be reliable in their own spheres. The dedicated server showcases reliability only when they are managed properly. This means that if they are managed partially or unmanaged completely then they don’t tend to be reliable enough.

Web Hosting Cost

When it comes to the cost of both VPS and dedicated servers, the VPS plans are less in cost than a fully fledged dedicated server. However you need to go in for a real good deal through a fair trade, sometimes chances are that you might end up getting a really powerful dedicated server for a very flexible cost. For most online businesses, the VPS comes very much in affordable cost range in comparison to that of the dedicated server.

However, it is concluded that both the servers, VPS and dedicated server plans are having their own share of boon and bane. Looking at both of them in detail and based on your requirements, you can make the final call. The final decision depends on what server plan fulfills your needs.

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