As more and more website administrators are leaning about the wide features and capacities of MODx, the popularity of this great CMS (content management system) is growing. The term “content” doesn’t even do the website justice.  It is more precise to refer to it as a complete management tool or utility. Many of the regular visitors of this website consider it as the future of the content management systems because of its open source, PHP based framework. There are a lot of benefits of using this CMS (content management system).

Benefits of MODx CMS

  • Easy modification
  • Native SEO features
  • Compatibility with third-party platforms

One of the amazing features of this content management system is the compatibility with almost all the third-party software platforms. This enables all the web designers and website owners, in spite of their skills and experience to use the program or software efficiently. MODx is one such content management systems which are compatible with the programming platforms like Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX). This allows website owners to create more attractive web pages which get used to the user’s actions. Another amazing feature of these content management systems is that it is built in Search Engine Optimization functions. This provides any website owner an instant benefit in the webpage ranking and while competing for keywords in their place or niche. In addition, the name MODx stems from the simple modifications which could be made to any site when using this CMS. The web developers just have to learn about the syntax of the program. Generally, there are no restrictions in using this software during development.

The growth in the popularity of this content management system is mainly because of the wide users consisting of webmasters, developers, regular users and web designers which are constantly enhancing the functionality of the programming platform. An efficient community available to answer questions is one of the most significant features of an open-source program or software platform. Since more and more people parties are becoming attracted in this content management system, the community would continue to contribute and grow.

MODx – next generation of content management system?

MODx is planning to significantly expand and further develop that the newest release looks amazing and promising. In the next update of this CMS, the developers are greatly focusing to improve the API. Presently WordPress is the content management system discussed by most of the web developers in the online industry.  Because of the grate success of the MODx, that is going to change very soon. One main benefit of the MODx has over the WordPress is that it could simply build on everything WordPress has proficient to this point. MODx content management system looks extremely promising to becoming the future great development in the CMS community because WordPress was launched. Due to the plans for expansion and current feature, they have to be capable to become even more successful than the competition.

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