A good control panel can significantly boost the productivity of your online business. Through the control panels webmasters have control over all the essential administrative functions of a daily server management. In the lack of a user-friendly and effective control panel, every webmaster should be an internet technology expert just to effectively manage their servers. Naturally, one control panel is better than none, but if you are committed to your online business, you would want the best possible one. Here are four control panels that cannot be disregarded.

cPanel – Most used control panel

cPanel is the most popular and most commonly used control panel in the world. Its simplicity combined with its numerous expandable features makes it premium software. One of the main advantages of cPanel derives from its popularity itself, because with that great number of cPanel users, there are countless of user tutorials available, including video tutorials. The community forums are filled with expert cPanel users ready to help the beginner user to learn all the tricks of the software. As there are so many information available about cPanel, it is a piece of cake solving any problem or confusion regarding the use of the software.


The next control panel to take in account is Plesk. Actually, there are certain areas where Plesk excels as compared to cPanel, for instance clustering support. In the case of cloud or clustered hosting, Plesk is most certainly a more appropriate option for you. Plesk also has a more comprehensive site than cPanel. Naturally, with these extra features, the learning curve is a bit steeper. For a newbie webmaster, Plesk might not be the best available option, but if you already know a thing or two about internet technology, you should not face difficulties learning to use this control panel within a few couple of hours.


DirectAdmin is most probably the simplest control panel to use and plus it uses a very small amount of resources on your computer. It doesn’t have as much features as the previously mentioned two control panels, but as the developers have time to concentrate only on a few features, it has fewer bugs and has a higher stability than cPanel. DirectAdmin is typically the choice of budgeted hosts, because of the control panel’s low cost and high stability.


In the past, Hsphere was a leading control panel on the market with features that were exclusive to this particular software. But, as time passed, other control panels got better and surpassed Hsphere in terms of functionality and user-friendliness. Actually, Hsphere is the most difficult control panel to master. The one and only reason why it was included on the list is its previous contributions made to the market of control panels. Although, Hsphere is a highly proficient control panel, it is not recommended for newbie users. Even more, even fairly advanced webmasters need some time to get fully familiar with this software.

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