The internet is world made up of the good and the bad, and it creates rumours and speculations on thousands of topics. Similarly, our society is built around a foundation that we believe exists, and when something out of the ordinary occurs, media attention will rise to the surface. Eventually governments will intervene and legal allegations will be surfaced. Several hundred websites on the internet don’t go along with what other believes and they are sometimes considered to be out of bounds. Government funded places such as schools and libraries often block websites that are considered to be illegal. Hosting companies aim to provide the best service to all their clients, but this is not always true. Several websites get shut down on a weekly basis due to copyright laws.

Offshore hosting is a type of hosting solution which is provided through dedicated servers that are located in countries with light regulations. In fact, these countries don’t take many legal issues to be serious, so offshore hosting is predominant in these countries. Primarily, countries like the Netherlands, Malaysia and Hong Kong are known to house offshore servers. Hosting certain types of websites is against the law in many countries, so offshore hosting is considered a loop-hole in our society.

Why purchase offshore hosting?

The following are some reasons as to why one would be willing to purchase offshore hosting.

Offshore hosting is considered to be secure and reliable, as it provides routine backups and data protection in case of an electricity failure or weather disaster. No matter what type of content you host on these servers, you will be assured to receive full privacy and security for all the data. Certain types of content can’t be hosted on US/UK or Canada based servers due to the country’s law. In this case, many people choose to purchase offshore hosting to host the specific files in question. With such a solution, your actual website will not be suspended because you aren’t hosting the content within your country.

With so much controversy, it is likely to expect people to try and attack the server through several programs. Offshore hosting providers know that they will be bombarded with several DDoS attacks, so they are always extra vigilant when it comes to server security. A data breach is very unlikely, with all the security firewalls that are put up, when you activate a new offshore hosting plan. Not only is your hosting content private, but so is your domain name. Your domain name will be completely anonymous, meaning that no one will trace that domain back to you. The WHOIS report will only provide information on the domain’s registrar and creation/expire date. You can choose an offshore hosting location based on where your main target audience is. Some search engines use the load time factor when they rank sites, so it is beneficial to have your content hosted somewhere close to your target audience.

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