A website without search engine traffic is like an automobile without gas.  It may look great, but it’s going nowhere.  As such, website owners are always on the lookout for ways to get that traffic, and one way link building through directory submission is a tactic that requires serious consideration.

Although the idea of looking for a website in a directory instead of a search engine seems old-fashioned, it’s still a very popular way of finding content.  Yahoo and Bing use directories, and users searching on a specific topic will often consult directories in their areas of interest.  At the same time, if you manually submit to a number of trusted directories in your niche, you build up a valuable store of credible one-way links back to your site.

How to submit my website to directories?

1. Make Sure Your Site Is Finished
Sounds obvious?  You’d be surprised how many website owners try to jump the gun by submitting to directories before their sites are even finished.  Directories hate this.  Remember, each submission is reviewed by a real person.  How would you like it if somebody gave you half-finished goods to look at and demanded a positive opinion?

2. Make Sure Your Site Is Optimized

Is your site attractive to search engines?  Is your text laid out correctly?  Are your keywords easily and naturally incorporated?  Are your title pages in order?  Remember, by submitting to directories you’re opening your site up to search engine spiders, so make sure they’ll get a friendly welcome when they arrive.

3. Read The Form
Again, it sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many submissions fail because the person submitting has failed to fill out all the relevant fields on the submission form.  Look at what the directory is asking you for, and give them that information.  Remember to add a thank you in the comments field.

4. Tell Them About Your Site

If you can’t describe your site properly, why should anyone else?  Make sure you have a good, compelling and above all accurate description of your site.

5. Don’t Go Mad

Tempting as it may be, don’t submit to every single directory that you come across.  Not only is this time consuming, it’s counter-productive.  Even if you were to be accepted into every directory, you’d just end up with a lot of useless links that would add nothing to your ranking.  Better to submit to half a dozen directories in your niche than fifty that have no relevance.

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