Resiliency, Features, Scalability, Performance and Support are the most important factors you should consider on while choosing your web hosting company. If your web hosting provider cannot offer you these main services, you will fail in your online business.
The hosting service is the main factor in a successful online business and internet marketing. Therefore, you should choose this service very careful. Many people prefer Linux web hosting as it is cheaper and Linux is an open source system.
This article is not for comparing the Linux hosting with the Windows hosting. We will talk about how to choose the right hosting service for your business, and what factors should you consider, choosing a Linux platform.

Choose Linux Web Hosting

Data backup and data recovery is very important for your website. You never know what it could happen, so time to time you need to backup your websites. This is very easy if your web hosting company have automatic backup system, that make your job easier, because save you from a lot of manually work.
Your website uptime is also very important, because you will have visitors and customers 24/7, and they need to get a seamless browsing experience.
Most of hosting providers offer many useful features for their clients. These features include free software, advertising credits to promote your website, webmaster resources and tools, SEO consulting, everything that need an online business. Most of hosting companies offer free one click installation script for content management systems like Joomla, Drupal, Pligg, ModxCMS, for blogs like WordPress, for forums, like SMF, phpBB, vBulleting, etc. All these can be managed by a user friendly control panel.
It’s important that your hosting provider to take care about their clients, even if they purchased only a basic plan. Shared hosting is the most popular web hosting, and you also will need to have all the facilities for this package. It may not possible to start with a dedicated hosting.
Starting with a cheap web hosting plan might not be a very good idea, because the cheaper not every time is the best. Many companies put more accounts on the same server to get higher profit, this can cause long downtimes, slow site loading, email delays, etc. If you cannot afford an expensive dedicated hosting, go with a VPS hosting or a shared web hosting, but purchase the service from reliable hosting companies.
Your website should become, over the night, a business success, and could have thousand of visitors every day. For this you will need another hosting package, not a shared account. It is an important point to have free and instant upgrade option with the minimum down-time.
The support is also a main important factor in web hosting service. This is essential, because most of the problems you can’t solve yourself. You might meet difficult situation or an unusual error cause problems for your websites. A hosting provider, need to have helpful technicians that can solve the problem quick and efficient, and you need their support 24/7.
In final, choose a professional web hosting provider from our top list, for receive all those facilities mentioned above. If you deal with the right hosting company you will certainly have a very well organized and supported online busines.

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