There are many reasons why a client would need to purchase multiple hosting plans for their websites.  Web hosting is not a set service there are a variety of different services available which can make options available that are not available with another service.  A secondary hosting plan is very useful in this instance.

Buy Multible Hosting Accounts

The first reason that a client would have another hosting plan is simple as they may be selling domains with hosting attached to them.  Being able to purchase a domain and connect it to a hosting service which can be sold as a complete package is a great idea.  This can be done with many of the different reseller hosting services.  This can be a great way to flip websites to turn a profit as well, since many of the buyers of such sites will require a way to see the physical website before they make a purchase.

The second reason can be protective of their data with a backup of their website and other information.  Backups on an alternative service are really useful towards protecting the data.  Accidentally forgetting to make a payment to one service can mean a complete loss of a website, the design and everything that was located on the hosting.  This makes it possible to restore a copy of the hosting or even connect the website later on to make a better option for hosting with an alternative service.

The third reason is for SEO Marketing.  Google can pick up on a variety of different queues such as websites that are hosted on the same server using domains that are too similar.  Different hosting packages look much different to Google and can effectively fool the indexing abilities of the web crawlers that are sent out periodically with search engine optimization practices in place.

The Fourth reason is for e-commerce solutions.  E-commerce can be a powerful tool for websites but not all hosting services offer a complete system.  Some clients will purchase a simple webhosting option that allows them to create their online stores and have them separate from their actual website but still integrated so that buyers can still find their way to the products.

Whatever the case that multiple web hosting services are chosen for, there is always a good reason behind it.  It is a great option to always have a spare in case there was a problem with one hosting company.  Similar websites that want to be grouped together will always benefit more if they are off of the same hosting service when applying SEO practices.  It helps to provide proof that websites that are linking to each other are not working together to improve ranking in a way.  There better that the hosting is used, the better that is can make clients money with certain practices in place.  Others will simply want to try a few hosts before they stick with a single service later on because it provides a way to try the service.

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