SEO, without any discussion, is the best way to increase your traffic and benefits! Firstly you have to be aware about the difficulty that may CAUSE the SEO.

Conflicting SEO Expectations:

SEO presents the art and technology of obtaining a better position in Google, Yahoo and MSM search engines. Two elements could force customers to have unjustified expectation related to the time, effort and the intensity of traffic.

The keywords pay attention to create dissatisfaction to SEO expectations. Certainly a program whose function is to optimize your position in search engines is based on different keywords.  The trouble is when websites are competing under a term to get higher in rankings when a keyword increases the volume of the traffic. Of course this requires a longer period of time to get higher in ranks.

Surely most customers want to get high in rankings in a short time. To have success in a shorter time then find those searched keywords that increased the traffic and are not used by many websites. Customers could see this process as being simple but they are wrong.They can limit their traffic even if they are the first in the top on Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines. This gives you a feeling of dissatisfaction because incomes are limited.

When you apply a plan you should try to obtain high rankings for shorter and longer periods. When you establish your website, the home page and other central pages should contain those keywords which have a great impact to obtain more traffic and this will require a longer period time to obtain a high ranking. Beside to the home page and central pages, the additional pages are important too, but should include those keywords which are not so often searched in the search engines.

The period of obtaining the first position on search engines depends on the topic of your website and on the keywords which you used. A completely new website could earn rankings on MSN approximately within a month, on Yahoo within four to six months and on Google within six to nine months. For a rated website these periods may be shortest, depends on how often are searched the used keywords in it.

To be contented of the SEO expectations firstly you have to understand what implies the optimization. The best solution is to have a plan for a short and for a long term to be prepared for any event.

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