The requirements necessary for an e-commerce hosting solution will really determine what is needed for server options.  Many servers can handle an e-commerce website but there are really only a few recommended options that allow optimal configuration for them.

Most recommended options for e-commerce hosting and server requirements:

Speed – The speed of the server is definitely one of the larger issues that needs to be covered for e-commerce.  The server speed must be able to accommodate large numbers of users while providing adequate speed for e-commerce dealings that occur on the website.  A slow server can cause problems with orders and can easily cause more problems if the server continuously times out for customers which may then leave the website and lose sales.

Operating System – The operating system is important for two main reasons being cost and ease of use.  Although Windows is very simple to use, it costs a lot to use on a server.  Linux is relatively free and is available with most hosting services for a much lower price but it is difficult to learn for a completely new user.

Flexibility – Flexibility on how the server can be set up is also important.  Being able to choose the options which allow for the highest performance is important when hosting an e-commerce website through a server.  Flexibility must be able to meet the requirements for your website to ensure the best match with the site.

Security – E-commerce websites are known to be well protected.  If the hosting service cannot protect the website or a portion of the backend to prevent hackers and damaging software such as viruses or malware from getting in, customer information through the e-commerce website can be compromised and cause damages.  The importance of security is not a simple issue to dismiss and must be done correctly by choosing the most secure options for the website while making the necessary changes that will help to provide the best safety for the website.

Solutions/Support – Support and solutions for problems with the website need to be handled as soon as possible.  Websites that are down or have problems will lose customers.  Customers are essential to e-commerce type websites so that they can earn revenue and continue to function.  Support can be done through the hosting service to help fix issues with the server and other possible issues that can cause loss of sales and other serious problems for the e-commerce website.

Choosing the correct server for an e-commerce hosting plan can be done by weighing out the options that are available and choosing one that offers the most benefits.  An e-commerce website needs to have a near perfect uptime and would more than likely need a dedicated server to help ensure that access is not cut off very often.  The server needs to have the highest forms of security and the flexibility that allows it to be put together and working in the best way possible for e-commerce.

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