SingleHop was founded in year 2006 and it’s one of the biggest of dedicated and managed hosting providers. SingleHop manage over 5000 servers and has customers from over 100 countries world-wide. As a subsidiary of midPhase, which has over 80,000 satisfied customers, SingleHop has become very fast a leading brand in the hosting industry, featured on many hosting reviews sites, including cnet. Single Hop is accredited member of the BBB.

SingleHop Full Review

For both dedicated and managed hosting, Single Hop is a great option. The excellent customer service and support and guarantees make this company one of the best in the industry. They offer 100% uptime guarantee.

SingleHop Hits

Guaranteed support, available 24/7/365 (anytime you need it)
Guaranteed one hour hardware replacement
Guarantee 100% network uptime
LEAP total server control (anytime from anywhere)
100Mbsp port on every server
Wide range of hosting plans
Easy to get started and easy to use
They use Name Brand Hardware only

SingleHop Misses

They do not offer shared hosting

Server Management

 Single Hop offers an innovative way to their clients to manage the server. LEAP control panel gives the full control over the server anytime from anywhere.

LEAP has a build in SSH & Desktop Client, which allows you to manage multiple users and servers, integrated support with tickets history, billing functionality, reboot functions, server store and much more. You can access your server from a remote location through your mobile or iPad; use the LEAP toolbar to get quick access from your web browser.

Software Options

Here is some of the software you can get at Single Hop: Debian, CentOS and other Linux OS, Plesk, cPanel, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and many more.

Pricing Options

Pricing of a dedicated server varies between $100 and $300 for unmanaged hosting, $150 and $270 for fully managed servers.

Customer Service and Support

 You can not run an online business which is based on one ore more dedicated servers without getting the right support for it. SingleHop knows how important your business is and they offer a quick, professional and reliable support for all of their customers. Any technical issue will be solved by the System Admin, without exceptions.

SingleHop DataCenter

 The DataCenter of Single Hop is absed in Chicago, which is a leading datacenter in the industry of web hosting. They could not provide a quality service, without an excellent infrastructure, without power supply or high data-center security. To provide the 100% guaranteed server uptime, there should not be any power interruption; their Chicago IBX Center is backed with diesel generators, to insure there is no power outage.

SingleHope Server Extras

 If you purchase a server with minimum specs: Dual Core (or more), 250GB HDD (or more), 10TB of bandwidth, you can get the following services for free:

  • Free GlobalSign 1 to 5-Year SSL Certs, including Wild Cards! ($600 value)
  • Free R1Soft CDP Agent Software ($600/year value)
  • Free MySpace and Yahoo! Advertising Credits ($75 value)
  • Free Migrations to cPanel Servers from Any Control Panel (2 hour administration time)
  • LEAP Mobile – Control Your Server From Your Phone (and now your iPad!)
  • LEAP Widget – Quick Server Management with Cross-Platform Widgets
  • LEAP webtop – Full Featured Suite for Total Server Control
  • LEAP toolbar – Quick Access to Reboots and Tickets via Toolbar
  • Server Bailout Mode – Most Advanced Rescue-Boot System for Windows and Linux Servers
  • All SingleHop customers get their own Account Executive and Account Managers… on a first-name basis.
  • Kernel & OS Updates w/ KSplice – Reboot-less Kernel & OS Updates
  • General Management Services – 2 Hours Monthly System Administration
  • QuickReaction Monitoring – 24×7 Server Monitoring and Instant Expert Response
  • Automatic Event Notifications – Instant Notification During Events

These features may vary depending on the server type you purchase (most of them are not available with unmanaged servers)

Is SingleHope Good for Business?

 SingleHop has been recognized by WebHostingTop as a leading dedicated hosting provider and has get many awards from different review websites as well. Their have an absolute positive customers feedback and has been working with popular companies like JustHost, GreenGeeks, IntelliChat and others.

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