The shared hosting service is one of the best options that are available to many clients because it offers an affordable option that is usually available with most hosting services.  It is a great idea to test out the service to ensure that it is the best for your website needs.  To do this, it is usually recommended that a client finds a web hosting service which provides a trial period to use the services.

Trial periods are usually designed to be anywhere from a month to three months of service where the client pays for the service but they have the ability to evaluate the performance.  If the hosting did not meet up to their expectations or they have run into problems with the service during use, they can opt out of paying and have their money refunded for the time that they were on the trial.  This is one of the best options that are available for most webhosting services available now.

Evaluate shared hosting service

Use a slow connection to access the site – once the site is created; the best way to see the access speeds for the site is to choose to access the site with a slow connection.  A dial-up connection is always a great tool to see whether or not your website viewers that are on a slow connection can access the website.  This makes it possible to understand whether or not you need to make changes with your website as well to be able to be friendlier for slow access visitors.  This can also be tested with various connection speeds to get an overall consensus on the accessibility of the site.

Testing the server at different times of the day – specialized tools and services are available to access the site and log activity that occurs when access is denied.  This way you can ping the website hosting and see whether or not your website is available at all times.  This way you know that the site can have reliable hosting through the shared hosting plan.  A webhost needs to be able to provide at least 99% uptime to make the hosting useable for many different applications.

In the event that the host is unable to provide what you need from it, then you will be able to voice your concerns with the company.  They will often provide you with several options including the ability to simply have your money back because you were not satisfied.  Of course it is always possible that they can upgrade you to better hosting at no additional cost which in turn would be better for your website(s).

Testing shared hosting is always a very important thing for websites that need to have affordable hosting services without having to have exceedingly low performance.  The testing makes it possible to find out what works best with your particular website needs as well as allowing you to find the webhost that offers hosting services that fit your budget.

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