What I need to do to get my new small business website search engine optimized? Well this question should ask each marketer who start a new online business. It’s very important to optimize your website, not only for users, but also for search engines.
Before you just getting into the deep water, you should know some basic seo tips. Your business is just small and you can’t invest huge sums of money in marketing. You can advertise your products or service, but the advertising cost some times should be more than your income. Well the best and first thing that you should do on your new business website is search engine optimization. This is the best effective way to targeted traffic to your website. Hiring a SEO expert of a search engine optimization company is a good way to get this part done very easy. It could have a high cost, but if you deal with a professional seo company your invested money should have good results in the future.

How to optimize websites yourself?

What I need do if don’t have a money to hire a SEO company and want to do the search engine optimization myself? Well you should follow our blog for more tips and we also have some recommendation bellow:

Find the targeted keywords for your niche

This is the most important when you start optimizing your website pages. Just making a cool design putting up some cute images, it does not mean you have a well optimized website. There are many websites tools that can give you tips on the most searched keywords by the internet users. The best is Google.

Conversion Rates

This is also very important to convert your visitors to buyers. If your website has good targeted visitors that are looking to buy your products you will make a lot of money. And now maybe you ask yourself: Why I can’t sale from my website and have thousand of visitors every day. Maybe there are untargeted visitors, that just looking around; searching for sum stuffs that at leas does not exist on your website, but the page contains those words witch they are looking for. Optimize your web pages with specific keywords; don’t insert anything that you get in mind.

Online Thrust

There are so many companies online that are selling their products. You need to get your customers thrust: make you clients to feel safe and confident to purchasing your products, and offer a guarantee of satisfaction with your products. Will see that not only your business will grow, but also will get good customers feedback, and this is most important!


If you are just at the beginning, we recommend starting to host your website with a reliable hosting company. Check out our top list for getting the most suitable hosting plan for you.

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