Dedicated servers are a special type of server that is designed to give the web hosting being processed to a specific server to a single account that is connected to it.  There are two types of dedicated server that are available known as managed and unmanaged dedicated servers.

Managed and Unmanaged dedicated servers

The managed dedicated server is designed to have the servers on the dedicated plan maintained and services for the operating system, support and more.  The client will not have to handle any of the dedicated hosting administrative properties for the server.  Any technical difficulties, problems or other important issues with the dedicated server are managed by the host.  This is the best option for a managed hosting service that will allow the fastest possible solution with many of the problems that occur with normal dedicated server use.

In an unmanaged option for a dedicated server, the client will need to operate on the server, maintain the server and manage the server on their own.  This means that the host will only be providing the storage, physical security and bandwidth that have been decided in the contract for the dedicated server usage between the client and the hosting service.  Web hosts may charge to help or walkthrough a situation with the servers.
Both types of dedicated servers will need to have a large company with a strong capital base to work.  Servers are not cheap and are very difficult to repair, diagnose and troubleshoot.  Dedicated hosting servers that are offered will need to have backing by a company that is well known and has an online presence that will help to get customers to agree to their terms and prices.  Most dedicated servers will come from a large web site because smaller websites will often only offer shared or virtualized hosting that originated from a dedicated server.

Dedicated servers can perform well in both types but it is important that the option that is chosen for a certain type of usage is done correctly.  Most webhosting packages may come with the basic tools but a managed option comes with all of the support needed to get the job done correctly.  A managed option will more than likely be a bit more expensive than an unmanaged option.  Although an unmanaged option will be cheaper it will mean a larger amount of work for the hosting, security and other portions of the server integration for the website.

Most companies will be able to work out how to use the unmanaged dedicated server options to get their website working well on their own time.  They can put in their own operating system and have the software they want without issues.  Others will not have an extensive knowledge of how go through the unmanaged process so they will stick with a managed project.  Managed options will more than likely give the client the best options for their vision of the website.  They will simply need to focus on the portions of the web hosting that actually deal with the website rather than the server.

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