There are countless web hosting service providers and most of them try to improve their business performance and gain new customers offering them various special offers and major discounts. They might offer certain free services including unlimited disk space or bandwidth rate. However, these apparently generous and advantageous offers do come with a certain price and strings, and in the end the consumer will not end up with such a great bargain as they first expected.

What unlimited hosting means

Several webmasters and hosting specialist have tried to raise the general awareness of the native public to the real implications of these offers in an effort to clear up the confusion and uncertainty around them. Webmasters have warned consumers that in reality the term ‘unlimited disk space’ means that although users are allowed to add and increase their sites as they wish, they can only do it gradually in limited dosages. Even more, keep in mind that it is the web hosting provider’s decision and not the user’s when new content can be added to the site.

Although web hosting service companies have tried to defend their policies, more and more consumers are discovering the real meaning of their terms and pathetic arguments. Generally, the ‘unlimited disk space’ strategy is the most widely used technique of web hosting companies in their desperate efforts to attract customers, but it is not limited to this only.

Another common way to trick consumers is for web hosting companies to state that all new customers who signup for their services will have for themselves almost 1GB. As most websites will use roughly 10-20 MB, it is surely a very tempting offer. But, such advantageous offers do come with some serious strings attached, as consumers will first pay a low price, but it will continuously mount up. In the mean time, the users will have at their disposal a large amount of space they really don’t need and cannot effectively use in their benefits.

A similar trick refers to the unlimited bandwidth used by dishonest web hosting companies. The technical term ‘bandwidth’ refers to the amount of traffic allowed to be transferred between the site and internet.
Once again, consumers will pay a high price for some services they don’t really need, considering they have saved a significant amount of money, but in fact the only winner in this case is the web hosting company only. To avoid such situation and to have a clear picture of the needed bandwidth, you should analyze and compare the number of monthly website hits to the size of your webpage.

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