A good control panel is projected to handle different difficult tasks on a regular basis, but the difficulty of these tasks is believed to be managed with ease. A control panel is effective if functionality is combined with simplicity. In the lack of these attributes, the control panel is nothing more than an overestimated user interface with almost no value. One of the control panels that perfectly incorporates these features is vDEck, which is a multipurpose control panel solution that gathers the very best of simplicity and functionality.

vDesk is getting popular

As this control panel is getting more and more popular, many of its users estimates that it will ventually replace cPanel as the most popular control panel in the next five years. This might be true or not, but it most certainly seems that it is just as good as cPanel. Nevertheless, vDeck equally concentrates on the marketing aspect of website management and on the administrative aspects as well. Users have access to a wide range of analytical traffic tools supporting them in their SEO efforts. It also makes it simple to install third-party video posting and social bookmarking applications that improves the popularity of your website.

Solution from small business to large corporations

Although cPanel is mostly known as a solution for small businesses, vDeck on the other hand is perfect for the needs of any business, regardless of its size, including large corporations. It is also an excellent solution for different server environments, such as private, virtual, dedicated or shared hosting environments. vDeck’s multi-tiered administrative interface allows you to easily control several domains within one single user-friendly interface. Users can log in and log out of their website without difficulties, without having to exit the vDeck control panel.

vDeck’s Flexibility

The power of vDeck is in fact unlimited, as we are talking about a fully flexible and customizable control panel. Third party applications can be easily added to improve the productivity of your site in various ways. A programmer can create you a program designed to specifically meet your needs, due to the fact that the software is compatible with nearly all programming languages. Due to its expandability it is a viable solution to perform a multitude of sophisticated tasked with ease. You can create personalized cron jobs to automatically manage such daily tasks, as uploading content, posting to blog’s, modifying themes or any other administrative tasks you can think of.

vDeck is easy to learn

It is very simple to learn to use vDeck, as there is numerous documented information on the software accessible straight from the control panel. You can find online video tutorials or chat with many other vDeck users in the vDeck help forums. It is not hard at all to get familiar with vDeck with all the available resources. Actually, several users can use the software even without reading one single tutorial.

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