When starting their online business venture, many people go for shared hosting accounts, decision mostly based just on the price and convenience. Nevertheless, after a few months of improving their capabilities of generating traffic, most webmasters realize that shared hosting plan is not suitable for them in terms of bandwidth and data transfer. Obviously, they move to a more suitable solution, such as Reseller hosting or VPS hosting. VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting provides you with access to an effective private web server, exclusively used by you and giving you full control over the resources of your server. On the other hand, reseller hosting grant you access to as many servers as you need for your hosting needs, plus you are able to resell the resources of the server with your own branding and plan pricing. So, which one of them would be best for a growing online business owner?

Which Business Model is More Suitable for You?

As in most cases, the best way to establish which hosting plan is more appropriate for you is to determine your present needs and the status of your business situation. There are specific industries, in which it would be a huge advantage to have a reseller hosting account, for instance web-based services. It would be wise to consider a reseller hosting plan, if the offered online services include website creation and design, website maintenance, content creation or search engine optimization. Still, if your main online business is eCommerce, a VPS hosting plan is recommended for you, as it provides you with more control over your server’s resources, without the needless capabilities of a reseller hosting plan.

Why Use VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is generally used by webmasters owning more websites or who need to regularly run remote server-side software. As a virtual private server is able to store a large amount of data and to handle a high amount of bandwidth, many eCommerce website owners choose virtual private servers to store their product databases and to perform online transactions with significant daily traffic rates. Virtual Private Servers are especially useful for webmasters with many eCommerce sites.

Why Use Reseller Hosting?

Numerous reseller hosting plans offer basically the same amount of server resources as certain VPS hosting plans, which turns them into a generally good solution. Actually, VPS and reseller hosting plans are basically similar in some cases, with the one main difference of you being able to re-brand your server’s resources and sell them in personalized packages. Reseller hosting is also an excellent way to expand your online income and to generate a reliable stream of residual revenue that returns month after month.

If you are already an online business owner, a reseller hosting plan is an excellent way to diversify your income streams and generate extra funding for your new business ventures. As you can create your own customized hosting packages and re-brand your control panel, you will can sell your hosting service as an original service seen as a separate one from the other hosting solution.

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