Using website builders and web hosting are always a great combination for most webmasters.  Website builders are excellent tools which will make it possible to create a website in shorter time span than is usually possible by manually coding the site.  It is important that those using website builders understand what these builders do.

Different Types of Website Builders

There are several types of website builders the following are a few examples of what a webmaster may expect to run into when they are building a website through their hosting company:
WYSIWYG – WYSIWYG is an acronym for “What you see is what you get” and is a very simple type of website building code.  It is very useful in creating websites from scratch by using the necessary portions of the HTML while constructing the site.  It is important that those attempting to use WYSIWYG understand how to use it otherwise their websites will be very basic and minimalistic.

Drag and Drop – Many hosting services will also have a drag and drop system in place.  These will make it possible to build a website visually and will have a toolbox that contains everything they need to build the website from scratch.  Usually, the website will be coded through this graphical representation and will also allow access to the background HTML to allow for cleaning of the code and customization when necessary.  These are usually designed for basic sites as well but are often a little more powerful than WYSIWYG.

Software – Sometimes a website building software will be employed to build the website from scratch.  Many of these will come with templates as well as wizards which provide simplified website building abilities for clients to use.  Of course these offer much more power and can provide advanced website building abilities when they are used correctly.

Content Management System – Content management systems are the easiest types of website builders available for hosting services.  Basically they are special types of software that can be installed onto the hosting which build the website for the client.  They provide an administrator panel which allows them to create the content and add it to the site directly from within the hosting.  Themes and other types of tools can also be directly loaded or created to suit the website owner’s tastes.

Hosting Specialized Tools – Many hosting services will be able to offer a specialized website builder which will basically employ the use of templates that are laid onto the site and can be manually edited through the provided fields during the application.  This makes it simple to create a website for immediate deployment of the site.
Regardless of what type of website builder option that is used, it is important to understand how the hosting service can use them.  Even if provided through the hosting service, it may not be the best option available.  Clients wanting a professional website should take the time to learn how to create the website of their dreams by using a website builder or consider hiring professionals to do all of the hard work.

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