In business, companies will do nearly anything they can to attract and generate traffic. Once the traffic is generated, they have multiple ways of influencing the purchase decision of these people. In web hosting, companies have various ways to attracting potential clients to their website. Web hosting companies have many sneaky tricks up their sleeves, but the consumers never come to realize them. When consumers see that they are getting so much for so little, they get stunned and buy in right away. This article should provide some input on how hosting companies really conduct their business.

Is unlimited hosting really unlimited?

Firstly, let’s have a look at the recent hosting trend that has been catching on from company to company. It is the unlimited hosting plan that everyone seems to be offering. If you are tech-savvy and know quite a bit about hard ware and equipment, you would know that it is impossible to offer unlimited space. Bandwidth can be unmetered, meaning it is never checked into. As far as disk space, there is always a limit on the amount of data you can store. If your server hard drive is 1TB, that is the limit. Many of the established hosting companies on the market started offering unlimited hosting, due to the fact that they have the resources to do so. Unlimited hosting is sort of a marketing gimmick, which ultimately attracts clients to the deal. When someone comes across an unlimited hosting plan for as little as five dollars a month, they surely will be stunned.

You may or may not be aware, but some hosting companies give you added incentives. These incentives are security add-ons, advertising credits, and free marketing credits. When a potential client comes across a hosting company that offers hundreds of dollars in free incentives, they believe they are getting an awesome deal. The truth is that these incentives are free regardless of whether you obtain it through the hosting company or not. If you were to go straight to the advertising company, they will give you the same amount of marketing credits for signing up. At the time of signing up for hosting, the hosting company uses your information to sign up at the various incentive sites to give you the added bonuses.

Lastly, there are several limitations that are set on your hosting account. The most common limitation is the maximum amount of CPU usage. The hosting company will suspend your services if you do reach the CPU limit set by the company. After your first suspension, you will need to contact your host to get your account unsuspended. Most hosting companies will give you two or three chances to reach your limit. After the fourth time, you will be asked to leave the hosting company. Alternatively, if the hosting company offers a virtual private server, you can choose that, as you will not be sharing any of the resources with the other users on the server.

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