Website traffic data is one of the most basic information that your web hosting company will provide you with.  However, you can be slightly overwhelmed by the influx of information that is given to you.  You should understand how to use the information and be able to apply it to the needs and requirements of your business and website.  Let us go through the most basic data, which is the average number of visitors to your site on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.

Monitoring Website Traffic

Website traffic is actually a very accurate basis of your website’s activity.  However, be wary about perceiving this as a gauge for the success of your site.  This is quite an inaccurate generalization to make.  What you must do is take a close look at your visitors’ behavior.   This will help you measure the effectiveness of your business and site.

Now let us discuss “hits”.  Hits signify the number of requests for information received by the server.  It is actually a very exaggerated concept that some people think is a measure of website traffic.  A hit means that a single visitor can navigate through your page, click on 15 graphics on the page and the server shall record this as 15 hits.  But in actuality, you only had a single visitor checking out a page on your site.  So you will see, hits can be quite an inaccurate approximation of your website traffic.  It is not a reliable tool when analyzing website traffic either.

You can better analyze the behavior of your visitors as more visitors visit your site.  The more visitors you have, the greater traffic to your site , the more accurate your interpretation can become.  Heavier traffic will reap more precise conclusions to the overall behavior trends of your visitors as opposed to having a small number of visitors.  Minimal traffic can warp your analysis.

The main goal of gathering web traffic statistics is to show you how well your site is serving your visitors.  The length of time a visitor stays on your site says a lot about your site.  If an average visitor spends a short time on your site then it is indicative of a possible problem.  The next challenge would therefore be to try and figure out what the problem really is.

Check on your keywords.  You may be using the wrong keywords causing you to direct also the wrong kind of visitors to your site.  It is thus, important to use the right keywords to be able to bring your target market to your site.  Next, look into your graphics.  Sometimes graphics may be confusing or daunting.  This may be another cause for your visitors to exit your site in an instant.  It is important that you know how much time your visitors spend on your site.  Knowing this can help you address specific problems encountered by your site.  Once you know what your problems are, you can then find ways to fix them.  By continuously monitoring the time your visitors spend on your site, you may also measure the effectiveness of the solution you implemented to fix the problems.

Your website traffic statistics can assist you in determining which areas are effective versus those that are not.  It will help you determine which pages are visited the most and which ones visitors spend the most time on.  If you have a particular page that you deem important but based on the stats, you see that you receive minimal traffic for it, you know that the page needs attention.  What you can do is try to improve the links to the page. This can be done by making the links more noticeable and inviting.  You could also try to improve the overall look of the page or make it easier for visitors to access the essential information on that particular page.

On the other hand, if you notice that a particular page receives more visitors who spend more time on it than you think they should, then may might want to maximize on this and consider transferring some of your sales pitches and marketing activities to that particular page.

The statistics you generate from web traffic and visitor behavior will prove to be useful in analyzing the efficiency of your site’s pages.  This is also very important information for any internet marketing campaign to succeed.

Normally your website would have exit pages.  This is where visitors can fill up a final order or it could also be a contact form.  This is the page where rapid visitor exiting is expected.  But because visitors to your site may not always find what they are looking for, statistics may present a several different exit pages.  This is actually normal behavior.  However if you see a trend where you there is a high percentage of exits from a page that is not intended for that purpose, then you should seriously consider examining the page to try to figure out what the problem is.  After you have identified the problem or the weakness of the page, you can now implement changes or modifications whether it be in content or in graphics.  This will then probably have a significant impact on keeping your visitors interested and making them continue to navigate through the site instead of exiting at the wrong page.

Now that we’re done with tackling statistics the next important thing is to check on your keywords and phrases.  Keep track of particular keywords that draw specific types of visitors to your site.  The better chosen your keywords are, the more targeted your visitors can be.  And when you get the target market that you want, the higher the potential for them to fill up your contact form and finally make a purchase.  This increases the value of your chosen keyword.

But if you find a significant number of visitors being misdirected to your site by a particular keyword or phrase, then it only means that that the keyword needs to be tweaked. By using the right keywords, you are able to understand your visitor’s wants and needs.  And when you users start inputting your company name to find your site, congratulations!  You have now reached the level of success that most companies are aspiring for!

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